1. Little update - First VDP

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    Hi guys, been missing for a bit as now the kids are off it’s a nightmare getting any time to myself 😂. But as usual can’t sleep so been having a catch up. We went away the other for a few days for our wedding anniversary. I left it up to H to decide what toys to bring. I was struggling to be fair with everything that has happened. Anyway first night there (actual wedding anniversary) we didn’t actually make love or anything. Made up for it next few days though. One particular session H was teasing lots, using a mix of lots of things. He popped in glass Dildo (the nubby textured) and he said he has no idea what gave him the idea or if it would even work but he decided he liked the look of it and eased him self in. I wasn’t sure at first what was happening and he just kept asking me was I ok, did it hurt etc and to tell him straight away if it did. Once he was in and we were moving together it was so intense and amazing and just wow he then said could he stop and put the glass at the top as he wasn’t feeling it as much as he thought he would. Wow is all I will say when it popped it on top I thought I was going to pass out it was that intense. He blew very quickly after switching round as did I and I’m so glad we had packed our bed mats 😂. As I’d been reading more on here about dp it was something I was thinking of mentioning to him that we could possibly start trying to work up too and before I did he had the same idea lol. The time away was nice, we talked lots about lingerie and old times he was remembering the occasions where I had worse satin slip nighties and the 2 other occasions that I wore lingerie and telling me how he loved Rubning his hands down my body hand on waist and the feel of the slip etc was nice to know he still remembers these early times too. Tried a few new positions too. Which didn’t think I’d be able to do 😂

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    Sounds amazing F&F , welcome back x

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    That rounds like a brilliant session F&F, thanks for sharing.

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    That sounds brill glad you had a nice time away, welcome back! I remember my first VDP and it was very similar to what you just said it’s amazing isn’t it!

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