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  1. How to introduce spicing up sex life to partner?

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    Hi all! First post here :) Me and my partner have amazing sex and I wouldn’t change any of it, I would just like to do some more exploring and spicing things up like adding vibrators/ maybe adding in some bondage / role play. Nothing hardcore, just some light research into what our kinks are ;) The problem is my partner is not keen. He is more experienced than me but has never tried anything like that before and when I suggest possibly adding a vibrator in or some restraints he really shies away so I don’t push it. I’ve tried to mention it subtly at other times and just leave it there but it doesn’t seem to work and I don’t want to push it because obviously I want him to want to try it too. He says he wants to try these things but is just finding it difficult getting his head around them. Does anyone have any tips fOr getting him more comfortable with the idea/ introducing things slowly at his own pace? Thank you lovelies xoxo

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    Is he finding it difficult because he feels that he’s not enough for you/not going to be enough for you if you introduce sex toys? I know this is a common thing although it absolutely shouldn’t be.

    This article and video gives a few ideas on approaching this subject, dealing with the above mentioned concern and a few suggestions for good starter products:

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    Really good advice natandtom My hubby felt threatened by the use of toys too. We only ever had a vibrating cock ring from another retailer. It was good, but after being in the forums I wanted to try new things. We started off with a bullet, not intimidating and could be used on both of us. My only advice is communicate, listen to what each of you want, browse LH Site together, maybe make a list of what takes your fancy . Most of all, relax & have fun x

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    Best thing me and the mrs did was buy monogamy! There are no doubt other games too, but this is what we went for, it really opened us up to learn things about each other we didn’t know and also gave us an opportunity to say... “ah, well, the cards say to do it... so let’s do it” It helped us to just do some of the things you may have been afraid/whatever to suggest or mention And if you like board games, it’s even better!

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