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  1. Spontanious and outdoor sex

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    Hey guys.

    So I recently broke up with my OH. After a lot of talking he agreed to meet up with me to discuss getting back together and I have been bursting to tell someone about what happend but I cant talk to my friends and family. I know you guys will appreciate it.

    We met up at a local viewing area surrounded by forests and a field. We talked and enjoyed a lovely evening in the sunshine. After a while we agreed to give it another go. Since we have broken up I have been on anti-depressants that numb my sex drive. I used to instigate almost everything in our relationship before so told him if he wanted any he would have to start instigating. So he did. Right there and then in the car park we were standing in. It had gotten dark by this point but I was parked quite near the entrance and everytime a car came into the car park you could see right where his hands were. Next thing I know he is dragging me off into the woods.

    We dont go very far in but we didnt really have too. There was enough cover where we were. We started off with just kissing and stroking. Suddenly he's unzipping my playsuit and Im undoing his jeans. After a bit more foreplay, I am pretty much naked and bent over touching my toes and he's going at me like his life depended on it. Unfortunately we were on a bit of a hill which made sustaining things hard. Why we didnt find a tree to lean on I will never know! It was dark, there where people nearby that couldve caught us at any time. There where animals rustling around us as well which I instantly thought was someone walking a dog about to come across us banging in the middle of a forest!

    Despite my tablets, our recent time apart and the incline we were on I can honestly say I have never been so turned on! We both came pretty hard pretty fast. It was so random. It was exhilerating. I felt excited, scared,elated and guilty all at the same time. We'd been apart for nearly 2 months. We'd been back together maybe an hour and we'd already had sex. I wasnt really sure how I felt about it at the time. Prior to everything that happened, outdoor sex was on my bucket list. Now I was having spontanious sex in a forest and I wasnt 100% ok with it. I am ok with it now I think.

    I know I would love for something like that to happen again. Have any of you had any spontanious outdoor sessions? And what are your thoughts on mine?

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    in a car.... out side of a bar.... in the woods....... is a thing i like. its the chance of getting caught i think that does it some times that makes it fun. i think ;)

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    The getting caught was deffo a big draw for me. I like the idea of car sex too. Its also the fact that it wasnt planned!

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