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  1. G-spot

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    Hi all, We’re a married couple and are looking to experiment with Mrs. g-spot. We’ve been doing our homework via reading materials and videos. Anybody have first hand experience? Any advice you wish you know before you started g-spot fun? Any toy recommendations? Thanks

    K&c30's [sign in to see picture]
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    I think its a little different for everyone, for us the Mrs prefers a shorter vibrator to hit her G-spot. Such as the Fun factory Amorino Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator. When we first started off i thought size would be everything and the bigger (8/9 inches) the better. Turned out not to be the case. What was a real eye opener for us though was our first introduction into glass dildo's. The added weight of the dildo, the ability to use temperature play just worked magic. This then sent us on thr next step up and our first steel dildo from the desire range and wow oh wow. They are even heavier, colder and it's design just hits the spot every time. Before using glass and steel the wife would perhaps squirt from G spot stimulation once in a blue moon. Now it is every single time.

    Jezebella [sign in to see picture]
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    Things I wish I'd known before starting to explore G spot fun: 1. squirting doesn't necessarily mean orgasm and shouldn't be the goal, 2. Firm pressure works better than thrusting, 3. Heavy, firm dildos (glass or metal) work best if I lie on my front so the weight is directed at my g spot, 4. Additional clitoral stimulation makes everything better. Have fun exploring :)

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    Hi ya, until recently I had no clue I could climax from the g spot! So for me, g spot isn’t enough to push me to orgasam, I need clit stimulation too. This glass dildo is awesome, my hubby only said last night, I could chuck every other toy out and just keep this! I use it along the LH recharable wand. By using the 2 together I can achieve orgasam and I also squirt using this dildo x


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    I totally agree with you. I can squirt via. G-spot stimulation, but have to stimulate my clit to achieve orgasm aswell (not simultaneously, unfortunately). Would b fab if I could do it all from G-spot (any tips welcome ladies!) Most of the time (I don't know why it's difficult), I can't do both in synchronisation with each other. I would love to be able to achieve what you do and have a massive, (2 in 1) powerful orgasm!! I will certainly look into the glass dildo u mentioned - neva used one of these b4! If you have any further advice, that would b great. Thanks. I'm so amazed a lot of women have discovered squirting by accident, so did I! 😉. Brilliant!!

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    I have to second the glass dildo. Mine is just fantastic. I bought one for a friend the other day, and a second one for me. The weight, the smoothness, and for me, the cold (though of course you can heat them too). Early on I enjoyed this And it's on offer right now, but it is battery operated, and I will only buy rechargeable toys now. The glass dildo with my Desire clit vibrator does it for me. And I must say, sometimes the G-spot is an elusive thing. I have to be quite aroused to find it.

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    If using your finger(s) lots of lube, plenty of time by yourselves, sit between her legs and gently feel inside finger pads upwards and feel for a rough(er) spongy walnutish area just inside, ask her how it feels etc and where is better, you will have your thumb free to stroke her clit too if need be, don't expect great things at first it takes lots of "play time" 

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