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    I told my husband about a lesbian experience I had when I was at university and it really turned him on.  It was purely experimental and usually alcohol induced but there was no romantic attraction at all.

    Recently my husband bought my past experience up in a bedroom conversation and then told me that he had also had a same sex experience.  He was a little embarrassed to discuss it but I persisted in getting him to tell me the detail. His friends dad had an extensive collection of porn videos which occasionally they would have a sneaky viewing.  Then one year his dad and mom went on holiday and his mate invited him round to have an extensive viewing of the porn library..

    They got a few beers and settled down to watch. After a while my husband told me that he had an erection and embarrassed he looked over to his friend only to find that he had got his dick out and was mastubating. Relaxing my husband also got his out and the both of them slowly wanked off watching the porn.  This porn viewing became an afternoon and night time activity. After a few days his mate offered to wank him off and without a reply started to stroke my husband. After he had cum his friend asked him to do the same to him which, whilst uneasy, my husband thought was only fair. From thein on they looked after each others needs until a few days later his friend went down on him without warning. This was my husbands first BJ and he said he loved it. Obviously he had to reciprocate and gave his friend a BJ as well. Apparently this is as far as they went however they gave each other BJs in front of a mirror and did facials and swallowing. He said that neither of them felt that they were gay and did not feel attracted to each other. It was just a couple of guys trying out stuff. They never repeated this holiday adventure or speak about it again. 

    I have to to tell you it surprised me as he did not mention it when I confessed my past to him due to embarrassment. I did find it extremely exciting and we discussed it over quite a few nights before I got the full story.  It really brought us closer sharing out past.

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    Hi Love Stud Too

    Lovehoney is not a place to share erotic stories, true or otherwise. 

    If you'd like to share things like this, please publish it on your own domain, and share a link in the Lovehoney Erotic Fiction or Lovehoney Bloggers threads. 

    Thank you 

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