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  1. Squirting 🙄

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    From a male point of view , I have had sex "several" times last 45 years . "Several" partners . Only once did I partner up with a squirter . It took me by total surprise and it was not a little . She was a little drunk and was one heck of a sex kitten that was really into whatever I wanted . She was riding me and moaned real loud and covered my crotch across my waist . Then she dis mounted and a tiny moan and passed out . Only the third time I had ever had a girl pass out from orgasm . After a minute and she did not come to , my EMT firefighter mode turned on . Can not see any breaths , check for pulse , oh shit ! Check her carotid , nothing . Am freaking out , thinking I will have to call 911 and figure out an address ( we met in a bar and I followed her home ) . So I will be doing CPR naked on a naked chick that I do not have a last name for . Oh yeah , this was her new step dad's house , that I have a funny feeling is linked to organized crime . As I am positioning her to start CPR , all of a sudden she gasps and comes back to life , Holy shit ! I believe I gave her a fake name and number . Further more I never went back to that bar , fearing her new stepdad . Memory is a bit faded , but at first I thought she peed on me but no urine scent and was clear . With her volume , you would want rubber sheets to protect mattress .

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    Opooo I loves a good squirt ;) the first time I was a bit taken aback but the Mr has mastered the art of this now I find I can't through sex but when those fingers start the flood gates just open now , also a little hand from the mini wand always helps too xx the Mr now makes it a mission of how many times he can make me do it our little sexual target game xx

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    I was playing with my wand with g spot attachment and flickering tonge and I am hoping I squirted as I suddenly wet the bed and didn't feel like I peed myself as I had no feeling I had to go and it didn't feel normal just suddenly happened

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    Wife squirts quite a lot now.  Mainly by her womanizer.  She has done it with me playing but holds back for some unknown reason.  She can literally soak the bed when she really squirts.  On odd occasions it's very thick like semen.  Again she had to get over the I'm gonna pee feeling and just let go.  

    She says that she can have a huge orgasm ewith no squirting and that's epic.  But she can have a smaller orgasm yet squirt and that just intsifies it to a differnt level of euphoria.  Squirting wins.

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    Horneehubby wrote:

    @1993princess My wife’s the same plenty of orgasms anywhere from strong and hard to what she calls a little love puff 😂 (I keep telling her that’s not what that means!) but she believes she’s not able to do it. Which doesn’t bother me but I can’t deny the pleasure it would give me to see her do it.

    My question is more, is squirting a different experience for all? I mean my wife gets suddenly very wet (not everytime but on the big orgasms)when she orgasms which makes me wonder if she is squirting just not SQUIRTING if you get me? Maybe some women produce more liquid than others? Has anyone thought the same?

    I thought it was a myth (probably too much porn thinking it was a big show) but I get what you mean, women produce different amounts, I normally have a lot so maybe I've not noticed before, but my boyf used a remote egg and i think that might have built up pressure because apparently I did, I just didn't notice!

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