1. Squirting 🙄

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    All I ever seem to read and hear about is squirting. I never used to hear about it - is it a new phenomenon. I've always enjoyed sex, ive been having sex for 20 plus years. I've never had any problems having an orgasm (long ones, ordinary ones, sometime shorter ones). I never had problems having many orgasms and I've always felt I'm a very sexual woman. So why haven't I done this 'squirting'? Is there a way to do it? Am i missing out on something? I cant help but find myself feeling rather envious of those that do....

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    The holy grail...!

    Many usful informations here: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/848744-squirting

    oh and also https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex/buyers-guide/female-ejaculation-how-to-squirt-sex-toys/

    and https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2007/09/06/female-ejaculation-how-to-squirt/

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    As sum sub linked above, this will be your biggest help. Also Porn Squirt Instructionals- some of them are really helpful. I cant squirt through penetration, only fingers or my Ribbed glass g-spot dildo from here, don't worry if you cant do it though, its not the end of the world. When you feel the urge to pee rather than sucking in, just let go and release. It took me and my partner over 2 years until it finally happened, trying on a weekly basis, once you have conquered it once it becomes much easier to do it again. 

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    It’s a hot topic on the forums which was made kinda popular through porn and plenty of people find ways to do it as linked above. It’s all about G-spot penetration and having an extremely relaxed mood. You may have felt a pressure build up during orgasm which feels almost like your about to pee and this is basically how it all starts. I would ignore how it looks in porn, a lot of the women tend to actually pee or have a kinda vaginal enema before a scene to give out these huge gushes but for the larger percent of people it will be like a sprinkler. If you have a partner, simply get relaxed and get in the mood with plenty of teasing and kissing and then get him to slide two fingers inside you and do a “come here” motion against the vaginal wall behind your clitoris, for added pressure you can push down on your pubis area. Alternatively get yourself a curved toy or G spot dildo and find the sweet spot, keep a good rythmn with a fast and good thrust until you feel like your about to pee and then let go. It’s a kind of throbbing orgasm which will make your toes curl ☺️ Some people just can’t do this for whatever reason and that doesn’t really matter at all, but if your quite used to having orgasms you should have a high chance x

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    My fiancé had never squirted before, then we purchased a magic wand... Basically she climaxed two maybe three times whilst using then wand and went for a 4th, that’s when she had her first squirt. It was a proud moment lol. She would definitely recommend incorporating a magic wand into sex with your partner, she seems to squirt quite a lot with it now.

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    Thank you 🙂

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    As Kingdeek mentioned above a wand is what did it for me too. Like you I had been having "normal" orgasms for years and wanted to squirt but to no avail. We purchased the Lovehoney mains powered wand after reading the reviews and oh my god I'm glad we did. I have squirted every time we have used it since. Well actually it's more of a trickle than a squirt but it is the best feeling ever. The mains powered rabbit from Lovehoney also does the trick for me but I have to pull it out just as I'm about to cum and press it on my clit to actually squirt. Good luck and enjoy trying!

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    I always thought squirting was just something that was out of a person's control, and just happened as your muscles relaxed. I squirt nearly everytime me and my partner have oral sex and it's never been something that I can stop or control, it just kind of happens.

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    I have only just cracked this and I can choose not to squirt now, but first you have to get over the feeling that you are loosing control and are going to pee as that is just  what it feels like. It is fun once you have got used to it. 

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    I’ve got close I think a few times I do sometimes get the urge to pee even though I’ve been before we start but I always tense up n like I need to go the loo but next time it happens I’m just going to go with it see what happens, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do atleast once!

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    @1993princess My wife’s the same plenty of orgasms anywhere from strong and hard to what she calls a little love puff 😂 (I keep telling her that’s not what that means!) but she believes she’s not able to do it. Which doesn’t bother me but I can’t deny the pleasure it would give me to see her do it.

    My question is more, is squirting a different experience for all? I mean my wife gets suddenly very wet (not everytime but on the big orgasms)when she orgasms which makes me wonder if she is squirting just not SQUIRTING if you get me? Maybe some women produce more liquid than others? Has anyone thought the same?

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    When I do it myself I can pretty much squirt across the room as I am a bit more forceful, my fella is a bit more slower and sensual and its more of a trickle, some times I don't even realise it happens so it could be that she has and hasnt noticed, squirting doesnt have to coincide with a orgasm- but it sure as hell feels better when it does lol. Some ladies gush, some squirt and some just have a little trickle 

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    My wife likes my whole hand inside, sometimes she's much wetter on the outside than the lube would be, maybe she does it without realising ?

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    The only thing that has ever made me squirt is my lelo sona cruise.

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    Hey Just a pussycat,

    I don't thin you should get too worried about this. It's natural that we get a bit upset over things we can't do. I can squirt, but I'm 52 and just started doing last year and now for me it's very easy to do if I want it to. But what I can't do and make me a bit frustrated sometimes is that I can't get a g-spot orgasm. I've been trying for years as I'm very curious to know how it feels, but this has never, ever happened what makes me a bit cross. Even when I squirt it's through very intense clitoral stimulation and no sign of that famous g-spot orgasm. So I just relax and enjou the fact that I can have wonderful orgasms anyway, so if it's not meant to be g-spot ones, it's not a big deal. About the squirting thing by the way, I squirt always before actually having an orgasm, so if I stop there, it ends up being a total anti-climax. So squirting, in my humble opinion, it's not that important.

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    Yes it’s real, I’ve squirted once and it was amazing!

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    My wife never has knowingly but I think she has to some degree

    But sometimes she's a lot wetter than other Times

    I think this is because when she gets to excited she feels the the urge to Pee  and is embarrassed thinking she's going to wet herself

    I want her to relax and just go with the flow (no pun intended) I don't care if it's a orgasm, super orgasm, squirting or peeing I just want us to enjoy whatever it is

    On a final thought, however  much we think we all can do whatever anyone else can we are all individuals and should just be happy with what we can achieve.

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    We tried for ages for it to happen we could never get it to happen we both agreed thats it we won't try anymore won't buy any more Gspot toys to help with it, about a year later it just happened and ever since she has been ruining everything lol 

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    paulsballs wrote:

    On a final thought, however  much we think we all can do whatever anyone else can we are all individuals and should just be happy with what we can achieve.

    That, 100%.

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    From a male point of view , I have had sex "several" times last 45 years . "Several" partners . Only once did I partner up with a squirter . It took me by total surprise and it was not a little . She was a little drunk and was one heck of a sex kitten that was really into whatever I wanted . She was riding me and moaned real loud and covered my crotch across my waist . Then she dis mounted and a tiny moan and passed out . Only the third time I had ever had a girl pass out from orgasm . After a minute and she did not come to , my EMT firefighter mode turned on . Can not see any breaths , check for pulse , oh shit ! Check her carotid , nothing . Am freaking out , thinking I will have to call 911 and figure out an address ( we met in a bar and I followed her home ) . So I will be doing CPR naked on a naked chick that I do not have a last name for . Oh yeah , this was her new step dad's house , that I have a funny feeling is linked to organized crime . As I am positioning her to start CPR , all of a sudden she gasps and comes back to life , Holy shit ! I believe I gave her a fake name and number . Further more I never went back to that bar , fearing her new stepdad . Memory is a bit faded , but at first I thought she peed on me but no urine scent and was clear . With her volume , you would want rubber sheets to protect mattress .

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