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    Hi all, i need a little help on how to get my libido back up to normal - ive not been the same since about last year when i had some mental health issues going on and its taken me a very long time to sort of get back up and brush myself off, im still not 100% but im so much more healthier than i was a year ago and i knew that my libido had gone through the floor since all this and im pretty sure my OH has noticed too. me and my OH used to be at it like rabbits all the time on weekends when he was home but now we're lucky if im even up to 1-2 a weekend. Which is frustrating for me because i want to be sexual with him, but the sexual spark isnt quite there yet.. are there any tips anyone has that could help me push the sexual spark along a little bit - were already adventurous and the when we do actually get intimate its amazing. I just want to be able to want it more often.

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    Hello, It’s great to see that you are feeling better and long may this continue. I suffered a great drop in libido when a major family member passed away suddenly completely turning my world upside down. I felt very similar to the way that you have described. I know it’s a bit cliche but in my case it was time, as time passed I started get control of my life back and with this came time that I could spend with my wife. I also found communication was key. Talking and explaining how we were both feeling really helped us to capture that spark again. My top tip would be to try and dedicate time to each other, try to break the routine of just getting intimate when it’s convinent. Weather that’s turning the TV off and going to bed an hour earlier or booking a weekend away it’s up to you. Surprising each other helped to improve things in our case. Just simple things as a new lovehoney order or a new set of lingerie helped in our case. Just keep talking to each other, he may be feeling the same or it may be a misunderstanding. I hope things continue to improve for you in the future :)

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