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  1. Same Sex Experience Without Strings

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    When I was at Uni, in my last year I shared a house with three other girls.  Two of my house mates were lesbians and love to tell us how great girl on girl sex was; judging from the sounds coming from their bedroom they were not lying! About three months after I moved in the other straight house mate came home is a right state after her boyfriend of two years dumped her.  i sympethised with her and we got drunk on a couple of bottles of wine.Later in the evening our lesbian couple arrived home a little tipsy and went straight to bed, within ten minutes they could be heard down stairs enjoying each other. My drunken friend then asked me if I had tried it with a girl as she had not, I told her no I hadn't.  "Shall we try" she asked.  To cut to the chase we went to bed and were quite nervous but the drink helped and soon enough after a lot ot fumbling we both orgasmed.  Next morning we said nothing about what had happened but our lesbian flatmated had heard us and really wanted to know more.  I said that it was a one off event where we wanted to experience what they were doing.  In fact I lied as over the next six months whenever we got drunk we would end up in bed together.  There was no emotional attachment only pure sexual fulfillment whenever we needed it.  My bed friend got married two year after uni and now she has two kids.  We still meet up occationally but have never repeated our uni experience. Has anyone else had this sort of same sex experience without the complications of a relationship?
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    Yes, me and my neighbour (when I lived at home) we stumbled across some
    very cheesy, 70s porn and we watched it together, and fumbled around. We
    didn’t do oral, but we did both orgasam. We had brief encounters about 5
    times, each time we never spoke a word of it, and carried on our
    friendship as normal, like nothing had happened.

    aanda [sign in to see picture]
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    yes for us both, mrs aanda shared a flat with a friend, and the would
    have regular sex, but no more than than, i had a friend i have played
    with, bj etc many times, sadly we have both lost touch with them

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    Me and a friend use to watched porn together at **REMOVED* after awhile we started to wank each other off, this led to sucking each other off and eventually some anal. We are both married now with familys still talk to each other but never mention our fun together. My Mrs doesn't know I have had fun with another guy but she she does know I like anal and jokes about me liking Willie's, little does she know
    Bigtrak [sign in to see picture]
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    Only as far as a milk race, well that's what we called it.  Basically
    we both masturbated together in a room to see who could cum first.  No
    more than that.

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