1. Do you "worship" your other half?

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    So the other day during a very good session my wife said that she needs me to worship her!

    To be honest lets say that our bedroom life has been rather up and down as with other aspects and i really want to do all i can to improve things.
    I know that a lot of this revolves around being tidy not nagging and generally communicating well. I know that this will improve the general vibe and atmosphere.

    I really would like to worship her and know this goes down the female domination route what normal everyday things can i do to make her feel special i really want to improve our bedroom time as when things are good they are amazing. are there things a little more odd that could be tried to make her feel that she is worshiped?

    She is very independant and i am needy but she opened up the other day and she needs to feel wanted and worshiped!


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    I think the term "worship" will mean different things to different people.

    Of course I would miss my Mrs if she was gone out of my life so to speak but worship in the real sense I dunno .

    At end of the day we love each other,do lots of things together and been together nearly 30 years .So to me that is what counts . But even so occasionally I need my man cave to retreat to for a bit of space and solitude.

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    It depends, there are different sorts of worship. If she’s interested in body worship, then licking, kissing and sucking parts of her body is a good starting point. No hand contact or conventional touching as using your mouth only gives a more dom/sub feel to the session. If she’s interested in a particular area of body worship such as vaginal worship, then facesitting or something like a queening chair or the bondage boutique stool could be useful to give her a feeling of dominance and inferiority.

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    Nonot anymore and that willnever happen again i waited on her all i could she did not appreciate it just took advantage of my help.well monday was the last straw i really dont care aymoreshe can do her thing ill do mine.she thinks because i make hints at something i would like for her to doand imnot talking about sex either.she is the one who screwed herself upthe doctors tried to helpher but she choose not to follow there advice so she will have to deal with it i have my own problems sorry tovent folks.

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    Tricky question

    I worship my wife

    But in the face that she is my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, the person that tells me ill succeed, when all around me tell me ill fail

    She gives me confidence, and we rarely argue.

    She's all I want in a partner

    Our sex drives are miss matched and that's been a struggle, but I accept this.

    So yes I do worship her, and do what I can to make her life special, happy, easy, and all that it can be, because I feel she deserves it.

    This translate to the bedroom where I put here needs before mine, simply because it gives me pleasure to please her.

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    Be careful stressedmale82. This can lead to nasty stuff, like being dealt with as a slave and various forms of abuse. If you are happy for what the plan is, then go for it. But abuse and control is to be watched out for. Saying that, we have odd periods where I like a bit of  pussy worship, and that's a laugh and quite a turn on. I think you need to be aware of exactly what is expected, and if you don't like it or feel comfortable with it, don't do it.
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    One day when we had the house to ourselves we ended up naked in the
    living room. For some reason my wife was standing there naked with her
    hands on her hips I spontaneously fell to my knees and worshipped her
    with my tongue. We have never gone in for the slave mistress thing
    because, to be honest, we are both a bit sub and feel
    self-conscious trying to be the dom, but that morning it just clicked.

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    Hey stressed Male I think she needs to clarify exactly wha5 sh3 means
    when she says worshipped. Is it a sexual thing or something more.

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    From her head to her toes, she’s my best friend, lover and soul mate.
    She works so hard for our little family and I’ll happily go without for
    her to have everything she needs in life.

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    It really depends on her definition of worship. She could simply mean
    coming home with a bunch of flowers, telling her how beautiful you think
    she is, how happy you are to have her in your life, a back massage after
    a long day. It doesn't neccesarily have to be a sexual thing. Either
    way I hope it all works out for you :) x

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