1. Adult circumcision

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    I had this problem since I child I guess, but it wasn't until the teenage years where pubity hit and things "grew" down there, that I started to realise that getting fully hard was becoming a problem. I could still technically pull the foreskin back when hard, but it became so tight I could only bare it for a few seconds before my head started going purple. It was pretty painful. It really put me off getting close to anyone sexually and the rare time anything happened, it was an embarrassing, painful, anxiety ridden mess. It wasn't until 21 that I decided enough was enough and I needed to go to the GP. I tried moisturizer and steroid creams with stretching techniques for months but I never saw noticeable results. Eventually I went back and was recommended a circumcision. The operation itself was fine. Fairly quick under general anesthesia and when you wake up they observe you on the ward untill you pass urine for the first time. Unfortunately I was kept overnight because waking up from the anaesthetic made me feel quite nauseous and I was sick. The healing time was a good couple of months for me. Good God I did not realise at the time how many unconscious boners I got at night! For a couple of weeks I had broken sleep from washing up in pain from my boner pulling right on the stitches! Very very uncomfortable. They put in stitches that they claimed would dissolve after a few weeks but I had read that by the time they do, your skin will have already healed around it creating a 'tunnel'. Definitely take them out sooner but NOT too soon for obvious reasons. I was shit scared of taking them out and splitting open but honestly, listen to your body, you'll know when it's right. I remember sitting on the toilet with tiny scissors carefully snipping and pulling them out. I left two in, one either side of my frenulum, because it looked like it needed more time, but I left it too long and now I have that 'tunnel'. But it really only looks like two large skin pores and you wouldn't know they are 'connected'. But I can imagine it would have looked rather unsightly having regular pairs of 'dots' all around the circumference. I didn't have a partner for a long time even after I was fully healed, but when I did, I that I didn't feel as sensitive as I should. I honestly felt quite disappointed with my decision. I kind wished I'd tried the stretching option harder. But realistically I think this was my only real option. IMPORTANT! Sorry, but if you skip the rest of the wall of text at least read this If you think about it, having your head exposed 24/7, rubbing in your pants, extremes of temperature (e.g. hot shower/cold pool); the skin on your head dries out, gets harder and thicker, like a callous, burying those nerve endings deeper making you less sensitive. I was looking for a solution to the problem and came across a company called "Man Hood Canada". They make these sticky stretchy double walled fabric "socks" that velcro over your man hood which acts like a substitute foreskin. I can hands down say this has saved me. After a couple of weeks I could already seen and feel the difference. The skin on the head of my penis is now smooth, soft and shiny, instead of dry and rough. Sex feels so much better. I wear one all the time now. It's a bit strange at first but once you get used to the idea, it's as natural as putting the socks on your feet every day. You don't think about it. Luckily I have an understanding wife too who is used to it. She ctually likes some of the different man hood material designs. I no longer have the same regrets about my circumcision, and my now wife actually says that I have a "handsome penis" (lol) and prefers it to one with a foreskin. Plus it's a lot cleaner. Hope this helps. Good luck! TL;DR Google search: Man Hood Canada

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