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    Anyone have any good tips for giving my wife some really great oral ? feel like I could improve my technique

    Ian Chimp [sign in to see picture]
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    It's a tough one to describe. Mrs Chimp appreciates a good range of tongue motions, a variation in speed and intensity, and me swopping between clitoris and vagina. Breathing through my ears also helps.

    There's a book in the foreplay section that may give you some ideas?


    Bigiain [sign in to see picture]
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    Get your tongue pierced lol
    I've had no complaints in the oral department since I got mine done 15 years ago

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    Ooooer found this thread after seeing 'The Real Mr Grey's' game. My words of wisdowm would to  just be really attentive. Hands all over her body, letting her know how much you're craving her in that moment. Tongue deep and shallow, moving it all around kissing and licking her. Grabbing at her legs and kissing up and down her legs. Involve her whole body! 

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