1. Making love vs having sex

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    I have this great debate quite a lot. We agree with a few of you on that if there is a deep bond / connection then all sex is making love etc. We both kinda feel when we’re both taking it slow feeling it deep, holding each other, looking into eyes etc as making love.

    I mean is making love just the polite term for having sex?

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    Fun and funky I like your closing comment and I can see where your coming from. ' making love ' sounds much more polite than ' fu*king' ( sorry not sure on the language policy here lol) . And as years have gone by socially things are different and words and terminology have changed a lot. So I guess from reading lots of comments in some ways to some people yes and to others they hold on to the term ' making love ' as it resembles something else with in there relationship.

    PeakCouple u can see what you are saying also I think the different terminology is maybe a way to differentiate between sex with and without emotional connections.

    I love reading everybody's different view points about this . I feel that there is no right or wrong here. It's about what feels right for each couple. I also love the way that people can have different opinions and views on this site and everyone gives there ideas and are respectful of others!


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    I honestly don’t know the difference, sorry

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    Knight1119 wrote:

    I honestly don’t know the difference, sorry

    There isn't a different that can be noted as its personal opinions on the matter and every one has a different perspective.
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    Making love is investing in the other persons needs and caring that they have a supportive and fulfilling experience during intimacy. It’s about caring as much about them or more than you care about yourself. It’s about giving them what they want, not just what they need. It’s about trust, honesty and openness.Its about loving them in their entirety not just their physicality and it’s about wanting to invest in them and celebrate them completely.

    Makng love is about displaying physically, psychologically, socially and spirituality how much you appreciate someone in totality. Its about how you communicate your passion for that person with your body, it’s physical communication showing greatest appreciation, respect and regard.

    Making love does not have to be gently but it should always enforce compassion and trust and be welcomed by all. Spanking someone who needs to be spanked is making love even if it causes pain but if you spank to cause harm or because you like to be inflict pain it’s not making love. Likewise being spanked just because you need rather than because both parties need to share it, it is not making love but even if it is yiu need the emotional connection of love for it to be making love.

    Hard, rough sweaty sex can be making love. Going primal and tearing at each other can be making love if the intention is benevolent and agreed on and welcomed.

    Tying someone or dominating them can an act of making love but only if it’s cherished by both parties. Forcing someone to submit when they don’t want to or they aren’t really bothered is not making love it’s one sided and fake.

    Sex is the biological act of mating. It feels good but it’s not making love if the benevolent intention described above is not present. You can have slow sex, fast sex, hard sex, passionate lustful sex but in the end , without the positive intentions, feelings, care and regard for each other, it is just sex and it’s shared by all the mammals on the planet to one degree or another.

    Obviously this is my opinion and as a Daddy Dom it may seem very confusing to some. How can you hurt someone you love? How can you restrain someone you love? How can you allow them to submit or dominate them if you love them? How you make love until she’s begging to stop, until she has no more to give?

    The answer is based on the subs needs and the proviosion af actions that fulfill those needs. Pain can be needed and cathartic but harm is not acceptable. Restraint can allow freedom of responsibility but safewords cannot be ignored. Submission is not an act of weakness but an act of trust, a mutual respect, and an opportunity to be unfettered by life to explore beyond normal limits. The Dom keeps the sub safe and gains trust and love being extended. Making love till your partner is exhausted Is not an act of dominance it’s an act of letting your partner explore their limits plus a bit more in safety. As you can see, the difference between making love and having sex is the intention behind the action.

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    ^ 👏🏻

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    Mr Pheebs you certainly have a way with words ! That was so pleasurable to read ! Thank you for sharing your opinions in such a thought provoking way. You have such a skilled writing style.

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