1. Perineum pleasure

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    Hi all,

    Just after a bit of advice/guidance. Have searched for posts similar to my question but nothing came up.

    Last night my oh went down on me and whilst he was doing so, I began to play around with his penis/balls ect so he didn't feel neglected. I next started exploring a little more further afield than just those areas. Anywhere near his bum (or even mine for that fact) is a definite no go area. We have both tried anal before with previous partners- me receiving and him giving but we discovered and discussed with one another that we are just not into it. He's not a fan of anything in/near his bum and I didn't enjoy my experience with it either.

    Anyway to the point now, I started touching/rubbing/playing with what I thought was his perineum, or at least that area. He seemed to like it as when I went to stop and touch him elsewhere he told me to please carry on as he really liked it.

    My question is, where exactly am I supposed to be targeting for perineum play and what/how is the best way to stimulate it for best effects? I have a very rough and vague idea of the area where exactly I should be touching, but it's not something I've ventured much into before, but am willing to give it a try if he seems to like it. I know I definitely like it when he tries to do it to me in the same area.

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    Any where between the underside of his balls, and his anus, you will be able to feel his shaft right up to his anus; especially if you get him to tense his pelvic floor muscles. Obviously he seems ok as long as you don't touch his anus. You can also go up between his balls from under his sack, following his shaft.

    As for what's the best way to stimulate him, well that' really down to just what he likes about it. But usually it would be to massage his shaft, with 2 or 3 finger tips, or your thumb, or thumbs, depending in what position you get him in, as regards access to be able to do it.

    Him on is back with his knees up to his chest, would give you access to massage with 2 thumbs at the same time. Use a rubbing thumb over thumb action, travelling up and down this lower section of his shaft, even right up between his balls, through his sack. If you can manage it stroke his bum cheeks with your finger tips at the same time.

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    I quite like having that area scratched. After a period of gentel massage / stroking a sharper scratch can be very intense.

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