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    So in all the years I’ve been sexually active for I’ve never had a an orgasm from just intercourse.

    The only way I can orgasm is if I play on the outside if you know what I mean...

    Any tips on how to cum from just sex??

    For once it would be nice for just my boyfriend to make me cum without me having to play too

    Thanks guys

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    Well we can with my OH as she has a very senstive G spot but it must be said i think thats untypical. Never could with my exes. I dont think you are unsual.

    The key for us for her to put pressure from my pelvis on her clitorus and go gentle rather than hammer and tongs. That means deep missionary with my pelvis pushing on her clit moving up and down gently.. Also works with her in control on top. Every other position it needs manual intervention.

    give it a go. No guarantee it will worth as everyones different but you never know!

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    Hi Pansy,

    Sometimes I am able to orgasm through PiV (penis in vagina) sex alone. This only happens if I've already had an orgasm during PiV sex with help from a clitoral vibe, and it's usually when I'm on top. You could try this? Orgasm from touching your clit then keep going?

    To be honest it's almost impossible to give someone instruction on how to orgasm, because everyone's body and what it reacts to is different. I even find my own body reacts differently at different points in my cycle. The fact that you can orgasm during PiV sex, even if it does involve you touching yourself, is a fantastic thing that many people struggle to achieve. I think vaginal orgasms without clitoral stimulation are rare, most people with a vulva just aren't set up for it, that's what the clit is for. Expecting a person with a vulva to come without any clitoral stimulation is like expecting a person with a penis to come just by playing with their balls. Sure, it could happen to some people, but stimulating their penis would be much more helpful.

    The other idea I have is to teach your partner how to touch your clit to make your orgasm during PiV and use positions where he has easy access, such as spooning. Or you could invest in a hands free clit vibe to wear during sex, such as the we vibe sync. Although it would still involve clitoral stimulation, you wouldn't be doing the stimulating.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    My wife (of 42 years) and I have a very active and varied sex life but she rarely orgasms through penetration alone. She needs clitoral stimulation to achieve this so she uses a vibrator during intercourse.

    The only time she has orgasmed during penetration is if she has already had an orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

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    Try a vibrating cock ring and cowgirl. This always rings my bell if I am in the mood for it.

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    Getting more visual stimulation too might help? What about watching porn whilst having sex? Even better if you blindfold him and deny him from watching!!

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    Hey pansy, as others have said it’s hard to give a definite guide to giving orgasms but if you require but clitoral and internal stimulation then my suggestion is for your boyfriend to get you to the big O first, using fingers and tongue, and after a few minutes of your body settling down then have intercourse, usually your body will be able to reach orgasm a lot quicker if your already in that euphoric state. I understand some people have a real drop in sensation after orgasm and it tends to all go a bit numb but for some this is a great technique, or at least if your at that peak of hitting a toe curling orgasm and then pull your boyfriend on top to finish the job that can help.

    Lovehoney also do a huge range of toys,gadgets and balms to help induce an orgasm. The pleasure balm is great:


    And you can find a range of stuff below:

    If you feel a little bit more on the extreme side and want to try something out of the box then maybe a pussy pump can help? Looking online you will find pictures which will probably make even the most adventurous people blush, but the stuff online is “extreme” and gentle pumping will draw a lot of blood into your labia etc to enhance sensation down below, the doc Johnson one is a big hit amongst the crowds:

    Also as others have suggested too it’s about the atmosphere and the setting, maybe look at some dressing up costumes to boost your sexual attitude, or look into what really gets you off. Do you like a bit of light bondage or any other fetish which you think about occasionally? Maybe try this with your boyrfriend and see if this helps, I know from experience in past relationships Iv been able to simply put my hand around a partners throat gently and things go from 0 to 100 instantly. So maybe discuss what really turns you on and what makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to be honest with partners if something doesn’t feel good or right, sex is meant to be fun and an exploration.

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