1. Is there someone (a neighbour etc) that you would if you could.

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    My focus is solely on my partner when I’m
    With someone, I kind of switch off from sexual attraction to others. In the past I have had a few friends who I was deeply connected to and would have loved to maybe been more than friends in the past but things change and people change. I must be the odd one out as a man here as I need to be mentally attached and have some form of connection before I even consider a cuddle, I don’t even flirt with someone when I’m single unless we have a history or were extremely close friends.

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    I have trust issues, so I don’t look at men/women in that way. To me, im with my hubby, no one else compares really x

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    KinkyMira wrote:

    Bennyboy69 wrote:

    AmyA wrote:

    VirginAngel wrote:

    I must be weird then, i need to know someone very well to develop sexual attraction, and love them to want to do anything sexual.

    Sure i can see really good looking people, but it just doesn't register to me as wanting to sleep with them or do anything physical, unless i get to know them and fall for them as a person.

    Same, I'm actually physically atracted to very few people

    I can see where you are coming from girls as I believe that ladies take more time to look at a man sexually, whereas men are more an instant visual I would 👍 sort of creature when it comes to attraction. In answer to the first question, yes I find many people sexually attractive but have always prided myself in the fact that I have never been unfaithful in any relationship I have had the privilege of being in.

    I'm afraid you can't speak for all men. You may well be an instant visual sort, but lots of men aren't. My husband needs to know someone very well before he could even think of shagging them.

    I’m the same although there may be an attraction getting sexually involved is way down the. I have to know them and trust them. With big issues will sexual abuse in my past It takes time for me to trust.

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    Yes, there's a neighbour that I find interesting, but the thing with him is that he's easy on the eye, but for me is his outgoing personality and sense of humour that makes me fancy him. I don't have what we'd call sexual desires for him, but I do enjoy the flirting (he flirts with me as well) and the fact that he makes me very relaxed. I do sometimes find other guys hot, but again I usually know them and their personalities count for 80, 85% of the attraction. I'm married, love my husband and in 18 years together I've never cheated on him or considering doing so, however I don't think it's wrong finding other guys interesting as I don't act on that, so not big deal for me.

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