1. Tips for lasting longer

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    Jocardwell wrote:

    My hubby can give it to me a little bit longer if I keep by bra / nightie on. I will often blow him for 2-3 mins tos start and then let him thrust for 30 seconds or whenever he says honey i need to stop.... at that moment to make sex last longer I sit on his face for 5-10 mins and then let him finish inside me after so we have a good 15 minutes of fun!

    Thx for update much appreciated
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    The Odd Couple wrote:ChocolateBear wrote: Odd - do you use this when
    you're amount to cum? Just before the 'point of no return?' Or do
    you just do it periodically during sex? You do it whenever you can.
    Sitting a a desk. Watching TV. It's completely discrete, and nobody will
    know you are doing it. All it does is build up the muscles so you can
    control them when you are about to blow you load, and stop such
    problems. Right! So it literally gives you the control to hold back,
    thanks. Does this mean you can ride that delicious pre-orgasm state
    (similar to tantric sex?) or do you just slow yourself down, catch your
    breath and go again?

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