1. The joy of cyber sex

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    Please all be careful not to break rules in the forum, you may see someone else doing it but it doesn't make it ok.

    Remember to report them and not engage in same behaviours. So to be clear KIK is a massive no-no. This comes under rule no2.

    The rules can be found in the two sticky posts, one is about reviews and one is a welcome thread. Also here they are: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/forum-rules/

    Thank you all 

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    I adore sexting the person I'm with it builds up the foreplay especially if you haven't seen each other for a bit ;)

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    Myself & the wife have just signed up to cam4 looking forward to seeing what kind of experiences & turn ons we have from it.

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    I find it boring and irritating with strangers and I certainly don't have the patience with being pestered on social media or phone apps.
    If there's someone special, then I don't find it too bad if I've got the horn.

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    Not done cybersex but love sexting my husband and I’ve brought him to orgasm talking over the phone on many occasions. In fact we have talked our way to a simultaneous orgasm on more than one occasion. He loves describing what he is doing and what he will do to me when he gets back from a business trip.
    I have to admit it’s better than solo sex when he calls and starts getting suggestive.

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