1. Something really embarrassing just happened...

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    Now, I still live with my parents, as does my boyfriend. To add a bit more context to the story, he lives in London were as I live on the border between England and Wales. So quite the journey for either of us, especially when we dont drive.

    With the distance between us it means we resort to using video calls and messaging everyday to see and talk to each other. As it's the best we can manage with the rather high price of train tickets to London and back for me. Due to this we tend to do a number of things over video call, and I'm sure you can guess where this is going.

    My father, bless his soul, has no concept of personal space and knocking. So when I'm stood up taking photos of my newest outfit, he decided to come bursting into my room to steal my laptop!

    Now luckly for me I was able to convince him that it was a costume for an upcoming comic con that I was planning on attending. I cosplay you see, and he just about understands it. Of course his immediate reaction was, "you can't go out in that, it shows your backside". To which my response was somewhat rushed and a long the lines of, "I know I'm going to alter it, make it longer with ruffles"

    I'm just glad that he came into my room at that point and not any later! I don't know how well I would have been able to talk my way out of him seeing me taking photos with considerably less clothing on!

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    As a kid I remember hearing my parents one night and I literally felt traumatised for days, I genuinely felt uncomfortable haha. I also heard my brother and his fiancée and she was making a kinda “whale” noise and the whole house heard so we had a laugh about it the next day.

    But going back to the original poster, it’s probably best to look at it like your parents are still having fun and love eachother which everyone wants in life, it’s better that they bang in the bedroom than argue all day so however uncomfortable it may sound, just remember that behind all of that is two people who love eachother. Plus it gives everyone hope that as we get older we can still be just as filthy in the bedroom! Haha

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    Ragnar Lodbrok wrote:

    When we were in our early 20’s, my girlfriend and I were returning home after a sex-fueled weekend away.

    Unfortunately, we left a holdall on a local bus. It contained, amongst other things, my girlfriend’s very sexy crotchless underwear, pairs of stockings, two of her kinky outfits and a couple of vibrators. We had often joked that we looked like sex toy sellers judging by the contents of our “special” bag.
    It wasn’t padlocked, nor did it have a label with our names and address attached to it.

    Later, I phoned the bus company to ask if it had been handed in. Fortunately it had and I was told to go to the bus company’s Lost Property Office to reclaim the holdall. We both agreed that the other of us should go to collect it ....!

    When I arrived at the Lost Property Office , I was confronted by two middle-aged women at the counter - much to further my embarrassment!

    In a feint and faltering voice, I explained the purpose of my visit and, when prompted, I described what our holdall looked like.

    It was quickly retrieved from beneath the counter by one of the two women and, as there was no label to identify me as the holdall’s owner, they asked me to describe the contents of bag.

    On hearing this my discomfort was compounded further as I knew they were about to verify my response. Just from the look they already had given me, I knew they both seemed to act like the Judge and the Jury and they had already got their verdict!!

    I blurted out that the holdall contained “just some some underwear.”

    I mistakenly thought that this would suffice ....but I was very much wrong. One of the lady attendants began to unzip the un-locked holdall and proceeded to take out its contents. First came the vibrators, next a pair of stockings. The proceedings ended when a pair of crotchless knickers were unceremoniously dropped on to the counter. If only the ground I was standing on could have swallowed me up ...!!!

    The woman grabbed the displayed items and returned them to the holdall, shooting a look at her colleague, returning her look at me before shoving the holdall towards me.

    I quickly grabbed it, whispered a feint “thank you” and slunk out of the door. I was thankful that there were no other customers to witness my embarrassing ordeal.

    My girlfriend thought it highly amusing when I recalled my experience, but she was able to show her gratitude later on that evening.

    We both agreed that the Lost Property women had obviously already had a thorough inspection of our holdall’s contents prior to my visit and wanted to find out who owned such items. It was also obvious that they wanted to exact the maximum embarrassment on the claimant! We had a good laugh at what the women must have said and at their reactions when the first saw what was in our bag of “goodies”! We wondered whether the women thought the underwear was mine and that I wore it.

    We learned a valuable lesson that day - always lock your toys and equipment away -something we have always done since that day whether at home, or when we go away.

    This really made me laugh and cringe in equal measure! That must have been so excruciatingly embarrassing at the time. I have to be honest and admit that I would have liked to have seen the look on the women's faces lol.

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