1. Congenital Symmastia - Ugly and painful

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    So, since the age of about 16, i've hated my chest. I knew that boobs develop unevenly and usually level out, but mine never did. My right is at least a cup size bigger than my left. I was never able to find a bra that fit, no matter what style, or cupsize i tried out. I noticed i could never achieve that rounded look, or the cleavage, and just assumed my boobs weren't big enough. Quite honestly, i also put it down to the fact i was fat that my boobs look rubbish.

    I never really looked at other boobs, don't watch porn, didn't want to feel jealous so didn't google etc, but then the parlour i get my piercings done at started looking specifically to do between breast surface piercings, and posted the results, and it was seeing these, along with sternum tattoos, that i realised theres actually something really not "normal" about my chest.

    My boobs don't separate, if i stand up with my shoulders back, theres a shallow dip in the middle, but they are very much attached by the skin and flesh between them. if i push them together, i just get a crease line down the middle like folding a piece of paper in half, and it's also not cetralised. I get no cleavage, and bras don't sit right, and are majorly uncomfortable, as there's nowhere for the sternum between breast part to sit. Wired bras one cup wire will sit in the crease, the sternum section ends up over one boob. I'm always having to pull the cups down as they ride up, always having to adjust because im being stabbed, i get cuts and sores in the middle because the wires can't sit how theyre supposed to, but none wired bras are even worse for not staying in place, plus i need the cups to give me a semi normal shape and not just look like 2 mismatched potates in a sock. The best of the bunch comfort wise is a plunge bra, but they look ridiculous as the cups gape as the sternum piece cant encase them. Looks wise, full wired with as slim a sternum section as possible are the best, as they give a decent shape. I'm a size 38 D/DD or a 40C, so i do have a decent ammount of breast, but without a bra on at all, they lose all perceptive size as they can't hang properly, and no cleavage.

    I'm so self conscious about them i have to wear multiple baggy layers to go out in public, i can't stand looking down at them, my clothing is getting distorted from all the tugging and adjusting, i'm forever breaking the wires in the left cup (smaller, less rounded breast that struggles worse to hold the wire under it) and the thought of ever being touched or looked at makes me cry. Short of major surgery and implants, there's nothing that can be done to fix them, and i could never afford it anyway, not even close. It brings me down to the point i honestly feel i'll be single and a virgin forever, as no man could surely ever find them attractive, i feel like i'm less of a woman because of it. I'm just so sick of feeling so ugly in a way i can't fix, and being in pain and discomfort all the time.

    Sorry for the rant, i've just never been able to tell anyone in real life due to the embarrassment and needed to just say it, plus i'm hoping someone has some advice or idea i haven't thought of, or experience of the condition, but given how rare a defect it is, i doubt it.

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    Oh VirginAngel!

    This is obviously knocking the confidence of what I’m picking up as a very sweet woman...I’m a bit stumped here in terms of advice as I never did plastics as a speciality but just wanted to say that I know that this must be really hard for you. But I’m also sure that other people who know you see a beautiful woman, not just a pair of boobs.

    Are you totally sure they can’t reconstruct on the NHS? If not, are there any charities who could help? There’s obviously a big psychological impact potential here. Also I know you can get structured bras and this could be an option for you so you could work on wearing lighter clothing?

    I would say though (and I apologise if this sounds too flippant, just don’t know how else to say it) what other parts of your body do you like? You’re so much more than boobs hon, if you have killer legs, show them off, nice bum, show it off, beautiful neckline be proud of it, curves to die for, recognise and enjoy them!

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    Hiya VirginAngel,

    Like Mr Pheebs has said this sound like it is having a big impact on you mentally. The NHS should take this into consideration especially as it is causing you pain as well. I think sometimes you really have to nag your GP to get a referral sometimes be persistant.

    My wife doesn't like her boobs either. After breastfeeding 3 kids, the 3rd being the worst on for sticking to just one boob (no idea why the little git hated the right one) she has ended up with one boob larger than the other.

    Again Mr Pheebs has already said it but you are more than just boobs and if you like another part of your body try to focus your attention there.

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    One of my ex’s had this problem and I still found her attractive. The NHS may do the surgery. My ex had it done about a year ago.

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    I can only agree with what's already been said. Try your GP, if you don't find them sympathetic then try another one and ask for a referral to a consultant who specialises in conditions like yours.

    I know that the NHS are strapped for cash and they don't offer breast augmention surgery as often as they used to but this is clearly having a huge impact on your mental well being and that's often harder to treat than an operation.

    Although I have no experience with the exact same thing that you're going through I do know how hard it is to be desperately unhappy with a certain aspect of your body and no matter how much try to focus on other bits you just can't get it out of your mind, it's there all the time everyday even to the extent that you actually avoid looking in the mirror or down at your own body.

    Also the fact that you're in pain and discomfort as well surely means a doctor would take this seriously.

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    I'm sorry this is making you so miserable. If it is causing you this much pain you really should see someone about it. Your gp may be able to put you on touch with places that can help if the NHS can't.

    It's probably not much comfort but Charlotte Crosby has this condition and totally rocks a bikini.

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    I would have thought that the fact that this is understandably having a psychological effect on your life would mean you were likely to have a better chance of getting this done on the NHS rather than it just being a cosmetic issue.See your gp they might just be a lot more understanding than you think,hope you get the help you need.

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