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  1. 2 Stroke Finish

    Shy-medic [sign in to see picture]
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    This is quite a embarrassing issue but think been open and honest is the best way

    I’m on a few different meds and my sex drive is up and down due to them. As a young man of 20’s this is hard and upsetting.

    My OH can play with me and all that jazz I’m fine. As soon as I touch her anyway that’s it I can feel my load starting to make its way out. So when it comes to the fun part I last less than a minuet.

    Have any of you any help tips ideas anythink. I am greatful for your time and support

    Mr Pheebs [sign in to see picture]
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    Hey Medic, what sort of meds?

    Fun Louise [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi, I'm no expert on this but I have a couple of practical suggestions.

    1. Masterbate yourself before play with your partner, it might allow more sensation before climax for you.

    2. Would your partner give you oral sex before penatrative sex? Again after you have got over the initial climax, you can give her forplay, or return the oral sex.

    Its worth a try.

    Alicia4Ever [sign in to see picture]
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    Shy-medic [sign in to see picture]
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    I’m on betablockers and have a pacemaker

    K&c30's [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi shy-medic, i have always been a quick finisher when i am entering my wife. I can play alone for ages but as soon as intercourse starts its like a starter pistol goes off. I have one saving grace though, i stay hard even after i orgasm. It stays hard until i have finished playing and i can orgasm again if i go long enough but i am normally tuckered out by then unless she is on top.

    RosyCheek [sign in to see picture]
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    Hey! Don't be embarrassed, if I have a penny for everytime I have hears someone say they are quick to finish I would be a very rich lady.

    My husband is also a quick finisher. Always has been, even over a decade on he still is. You can buy delay sprays which numbs you a little, they work physically but if you are mentally over stimulated they won't really help. Same with cock rings, they have saved our sex life.

    If you feel you aren't satisfying her you can extend foreplay. If you aren't having time to enjoy yourself mix it up a little. Have a relaxing massage if you feel you are coming to the point of no return.

    You're in the majority my love.

    Mr Pheebs [sign in to see picture]
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    Shy-medic wrote:

    I’m on betablockers and have a pacemaker

    Ahh ok, i’m on beta blockers too but I didn’t know this was a side effect, are you on them twice a day?

    Ok so some good suggestions here already...

    other ideas are,

    Learn mindfullness, try mindful sex, go a bit tantric..and slow your mind down, the drugs you’re  on inhibit absorption of adrenaline so limit hard and fast, go slow, you’ll not be exhausted afterwards. Also, make sure she helps too, get her on top!

    breath control - slow it down, normal breath in slow breath out..

    Wear a thicker condom reduce sensation...

    Masterbate to climax beforehand, don’t be gebpntle, this will reduce sensation but make you last longer..

    Get a Fleshlight trainer, see my if you can up your stamina...

    Withdraw and do some foreplay while you calm down again...

    Train to cum and keep going, work in recovery rather than longevity...

    Becase your on beta blockers your heart rate is capped, you’ll maybe be experiencing fatigue as well? The relaxation and mindfulness route might be super beneficial for you is so many ways. I’d start there mate..if you need more info I’m happy to help.

    TinyTom [sign in to see picture]
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    I hope this helps and gives you a little reassurance that what you are experiencing is not the end of the world and I bet you would be surprised how many people have the same issue.

    I have been with my partner over 20 years. When we first got together I used to drink quite a lot and go all night literally. We found out my partner was pregnant and I decided to stop drinking as the money was better spent on the baby. This is where things started to go downhill in the bedroom.

    As soon as I stopped drinking I went from an all night long guy to a 1 minute wonder. I was quite fortunate as I do stay hard long enough to satisfy my partner but in my mind it should not be happening and it felt wrong. I suffered with this in silence up until last year. It was only after I actually started looking for solutions to this that it became apparent there are so many causes and everyone is different. I looked at all the main causes and started to change the things I was doing.

    I stopped smoking – No difference

    I tried delay sprays – worked a little but the loss of sensation was not nice

    I tried cock rings – still exploded sometimes as they were being put on

    I bought lots more sex toys – great for foreplay but as soon as a vibrator went anywhere near my member I exploded.

    I lost 2 stone in weight – this had a bit of an effect. I did seem to last a bit longer and had more energy to go again.

    I masturbated before - No joy just the same

    What finally worked for me was actually opening up to my partner about it and seeing what WE could do together. We tried all the stop start techniques, this helped a little but it was very frustrating. We tried different positions. This did not have much effect but it was very good fun. Eventually I started reading up on how to train your PC muscle. This is something I had totally dismissed as it was “too simple”. Within a week or 2 I was going longer and longer each time. I also started taking Shilajit Extract as I read ir can increase your overall well being and help internal organs repair. I can not say 100% what helped in the end or if it was just a mix of everything but even now I am still exercising my PC muscle and still taking shilajit extract and I am now able to go at least 30 to 40 mins before exploding.

    Also remember do not have unreal expectations try to go a little longer each time and focus on what works for you. I am also no doctor and I can only say that the extract I am using does seem to have an effect on me but I have no clue if it is safe for everyone even though it is readily available.

    Sorry for the long post and best of luck!

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