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    Hi All !

    What tips do you all have (male and female) for your top ways to make for an easy painless anal penetration?

    Love the idea of us tryng anal (both ways) but don't love the idea of the pain that can come with it.

    We know the key rule of "Lube, lube, lube" but looking more for you prep and ways you help find it easy?

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    Hi ya
    I was the same way, I found applying lube to my body and toy, I would say you push it in yourself for the first few time so you can move your body to a position where you feel comfortable and then relax.

    I love it now and using a double ended dildo is amazing feeling .

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    Relaxation. A very important point I think. We usually make sure that I’ve had at least one orgasm from clitoral stimulation first and this relaxes the muscles and loosens some of the tension that subsconsciously can build up.

    Warming up appropriately. Small butt plug, medium butt plug, dildos. Anal sex is not something that can just happen comfortably without some preparation. Pick a toy that suits your experience level and build up in girth and length as your body adjusts.

    If there’s warm up, relaxation and a thick lubricant involved then there should not be any pain. If there is pain, stop. You’re not as prepared as you think you are. It may feel unusual at first but it should never be painful. Just listen to your body and it will tell you when it’s ready and when it’s had enough. Don’t rush it :)

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    Natandtom covered most, anal is about comfort and relaxation both mentally and physically. First step would be to get the following:
    1. Decent thick lubricant (water base or an anal lube)
    2. A small dildo or anal plug
    3. An anal douche (can’t stress this enough for a clean and comfortable experience)
    4. Safety word and communication is key

    Once you have the above then remember to take things slow,out butts are stretchy but you need to build up. It’s not a race and don’t expect to take a big dildo off the bat, work your way up. Relax and get yourself clean, an anal douche and shower before will make the experience far more comfortable mentally and physically (https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/anal-sex-toys/douches-enemas/).

    Once your clean and ready to go, make sure your both ready and have a safety word or keep communication open, if things hurt or don’t fit then don’t push it. A gentle stretch and a little pinch may happen at the start but it shouldn’t hurt. If you plan on having anal sex then let the receiver take you rather than you take them, doggystyle allows them to push back and take a comfortable length of you instead of you putting your full length inside. With toys make sure you clean them before and after use and get something small to start with a pointy tip for easy insertion and smaller is better than too big at the start so get used too the sensation of something inside. Plenty of lube is key and makes everything better, but different lubes so make a difference so look at all the one available. I wouldn’t suggest a flavoured lube or a heating/cooling lube as rhey tend to be sticky and cause irritation.

    Last thing is to have fun, masturbating during can help a lot for both sexes so don’t be embarrassed to jerk it!

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