1. Let’s talk Sexting

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    1) How fulfilling is it, what are the risks and the rewards? I love sexting, I usually do this when my partner is a few hours away from coming home. The risks are accidentally sending something to the wrong person this happened to me twice on Snapchat (luckily to my close friends and nothing too graphic) also if you're sexting with a stranger this content could be used against you (shared without your permission and blackmail) I used to sext and webcam with someone I met online, as a general rule discuss your boundaries and I wouldn't show my face during webcam. 2) Do you use remote toys to make it more fun? I've never done this and I'm not sure what kind of distance these work at. 3) Do you sext with strangers or a regular partner? Do you sextswing with multiple people in the same chat forum? With my regular partner only. But have sexted strangers in the past. 4) Do you add photos and sounds to make it more exciting? Sometimes we send videos but not often but this depends on the situation, if my OH is coming home soon it's just for the tease not to get off. When away for an extended period though anything goes. 5) Do you use the phone or Skype to hear each other’s voices to make the fantasy more real before you sext? Have used the phone, Skype and Facebook call but it's very difficult to talk on the phone and take pictures. 6) Have you ever worn an item of clothing and given it to your sexting partner so that they can smell you? Nope, never. 6) What ground rules do you have? Don't have any with my OH, very confident that he would never share my images. 7) Does it improve your sex life? Definitely! 8) Is it a harmless bit of sexy flirting or is it more serious than that for you? Depends who it's with its sexy and flirty with my OH but for him exclusively. Neither of us would be happy with sexting others in our relationship. If I were single and talking to strangers it would just be harmless fun. 9) Do you have any tips for a budding sexter? Have fun but be mindful 😘

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