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  1. Best oral position

    Ragnar Lodbrok [sign in to see picture]
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    As far oral sex positions go, any variation is key as far as our mutual satisfaction is concerned
    One of our favourite positions for giving/
    receiving oral is to sit the “giver” (whichever of us is going to perform oral) on the floor - usually with their knees bent a little. The recipient, (who is in a standing position and facing the “giver”) shuffles forward so that they are straddling over the head of the “giver” to a position where they are comfortable and can offer their complete and undivided attention on the recipient partner’s sex.

    This position alloys the recipient to assume a dominant stance - they can stand upright and enjoy receiving their “submissive” partner’s oral techniques.

    The “giver” can make slight adjustments by placing their hands on the recipients’s bottom, or their hips, and holding on to allow them to balance.

    If either of us likes to assume a more dominant role, this “holding on” is a perfect position to deny the other of any sexual stimulation. Handcuffing the “giver’s” hands together once they are placed behind the “receiver’s” back, also allows further control and denial.

    If mutual stimulation of our OH is desired, the use of remote controlled toys such as cock rings, butt plugs or clitoral vibes such as the We-Vibe, adds to our shared enjoyment.
    To add a further sexual frisson, when using this position, we like to make direct eye contact and talk dirty whilst receiving the delights of our OH’s oral dexterity.

    We both find that this position lends itself to great foreplay as a prelude to sex - especially in role playing scenarios which incorporate elements of “power play” - teacher/pupil; prison guard/prisoner etc

    WildThing [sign in to see picture]
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    Any....... always amazing.

    However, I really enjoy led down, OH sat between my legs, plenty of lube too and massaging all over down there (sometimes she sneaks a finger acrss my bottom which feels amazing) and then a mixture of handjob / bj......... utterly mindblowing....... well, it blows everything actually!

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