1. What age were you?....

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    I’ve bought my first sex toys in my early 30’s I am now 35 while in uk in a well known lingerie toys shop in the high street, having a hate relationship with my body it was a no no for me to try human relationship but I really wanted to start my sex life and I’m glad I did I bought a few in shop because I was too scared to order online because I checked the reviews and someone left a terrible one about no discretion whatsoever on the parcel which really scares me to order and I didn’t know lovehoney at the time

    then thank god i discovered lovehoney and I have very nice toys and lingerie, and the parcels are always good and discreet in uk or delivered to France too

    so thank you lovehoney for everything

    i am now in New Zealand don’t know for how long but if I’m lucky to stay I don’t know if I can order from you with airport regulations and all, i have brought in my suitcase 2 cock rings which i notice last minute have batteries in them and a clit stimulator with no batteries included and I decided to take them anyway thinking a bit of embarrassment will pass if I have to open my suitcase but I didn’t have to

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    I was about 19 but to honest didn't pay much interest it was more of a novelty, 10 years later I had my little boy and really struggled to get back into sex after having lots of stitches and also feeling like a car crash to be honest so we used sex toys to get us back into the swing of things and I've never looked back! I have better sex now than I did years ago

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    I was 18 when I first bought my own, but I first used (and kept) a dildo when I was **REMOVED**  which was totally worth it. How I got it was a long story lol. 

    I think I have loved toys from a quite young age.

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    I was 18, the first sex toy I ever had was a seashell shaped vibrator

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    As soon as I was able to at 18.
    I walked into our local sex shop just wanting a basic and cheap vibrator to try to begin with.
    I came out with my first toy... a hard plastic, AA+ powered 'Lady Lust Finger' vibrator which, to be fair to the thing, gave me plenty of great orgasms before I quickly moved on to bigger better things 😋

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    Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

    ooh a dangerous question, many a member has broken rules from such posts.

    Whether or not you have gone against policies to buy toys before a certain age, on the Lovehoney forum, life does indeed start at 18.

    Do remember this, so you all can continue to enjoy this post 18 forum. 

    Tis a shame my comment was ignored as well as the rules. 


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