1. What age were you?....

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    When you started buying toys... for me and the other half it was about 10yrs ago.
    In our 60s now in our younger days it would have been the little boarded up shop not very inviting and a little embarrising if seen going in one
    There was no internet then.

    Then can the likes of Lovehoney. I can say that in the last 10yrs we have spent hundreds on toys.
    If only there was lovehoney in the 80s

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    Two years ago at 34 years old and my first and only source (so far) of sexual pleasure so you could say I was and still am very grateful for the the existence of Lovehoney!

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    Both of us, 1980s. I bought a non-vibrating shaped dildo from an advert in the old Focus magazine. His ex wanted a vibrator, so he bought one in a sex-shop because she didn't want to visit such a place. So easy to buy from LH or in high street stores now. When we're on holiday in France you see vibrators, even shaped ones, on sale in supermarkets and not just in touristy areas either.

    We'd both have loved sex toys when we were younger, good to see they are mainstream items now.

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    Way back in 1999. I'd just had my son and attended a sex toy and lingerie party. Had wanted a sex toy for a while. I was 19.

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    I was 18.

    Also, just adding a friendly reminder to all that Lovehoney starts at 18 :)

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    I had a long debate with Jeremy Vine once about the relation between sex toys and the impact it has on your sexual perceptions of right and wrong, age was one of the factors that came up.

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    Hmm, a really really long time ago.

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    An old partner bought me one of the classic slimline vibrators when I was about 19. It was a cream tacky hard plastic affair that did very little for me. At that point I wasn't really interested in toys and was enjoying exploring things without them.

    After that experience it put me off them for a long time and I was into my 30's before I ventured into one of the high street AS branches to peak my curiosity. I then went home and looked online a bit more and bought a simple rocksoff bullet from another company - it subsequently broke and the customer service getting a replacement was horrible.

    So the next time I looked online I looked into the returns policies of the different companies and found Lovehoneys amazing returns policy (so sad it's changed now but that's another story) and the rest is history.

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    ooh a dangerous question, many a member has broken rules from such posts.

    Whether or not you have gone against policies to buy toys before a certain age, on the Lovehoney forum, life does indeed start at 18.

    Do remember this, so you all can continue to enjoy this post 18 forum. 

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    I didn't have a single sex toy till I was 25 and even then it was one of those horrible rigid plastic vibrators that took massive batteries and was rather rubbish! I then didn't venture any further into the world of sex toys until I discovered Lovehoney about 5 years ago.

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    I got my first when I turned 18, bought a couple more over the following year and then nothing until being introduced to Lovehoney about 3yrs ago

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    We purchased from a newspaper advert about 30 odd years ago,back then choice was very limited

    and most toys available were rubbish.You do not realise how lucky you are.

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    6 months ago from here at the age of 29.
    Never wanted one before I got with my OH. My sex drive has gone through the roof since meeting him. He actually instegated toys by buying me a remote control egg. I loved the vibrations so much I bought my first vibe shortly after. My sex life has never been better! Thank you Lovehoney!

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    I bought my first one when I was 19, I'm 23 now and the rest of my collection has been building up since around November when my old toy broke :P I have to say I'm much happier with the variety :)

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    Only a month ago for fun with my husband and we've already bought another one and looking at more. It's definitely made things a bit more interesting. I'm 28 in a few weeks.

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    Just over a month ago, so same age as now: 21

    On my 4th toy now ^-^

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    My first long term relationship introduced me to sex toys, on her 18th birthday I bought her a rabbit from Lovehoney as she was obsessed with sex and the city. The following year when I turned 19 she bought me a fleshlight and I have been hooked on toys ever since that date.

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    Mine was about 10 years ago.

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    I was 18 and I bought a classic, red vibe. I remember I was so embarresed ha ha. I am now 41, so that makes it 23 years ago.

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