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  1. What do I do?

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    My wife and I have a reasonably open marriage. We are successful professionals with a nice home and grown-up children. We are physically fit, attractive in a mature way and want to experiment a bit to enjoy a little more sexual fun before the fires of eroticism finally dampen and disappear.

    I do not fancy dogging but I would easily perform in front of an audience. My wife would be less sure. Are there any groups that would provide opportunities for such behaviour to be acted out?

    I have always quite fancied the thoughts of a weekend in a swish hotel acting out fantasies. Perhaps as a returning soldier or as a "bit of rough" stumbling into a private party and being taken advantage of by a group of horny females.

    I have worked with females all my working life and found them to be much wilder in their sexual fantasies than men. They just seem to have more imagination and given encouragement they also appear to me to have the desire. Men seem quite happy to cum and turn over and go to sleep. Ladies on the other hand can cum and cum again if that doesan't seem too much of a generalisation.

    It seems that timing, encouragemnt and honesty are what are required. Any thoughts?

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    you could try a swinging club, you dont have to join in, just get a feel for it.

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    Your post is a little vague, but yes, timing, encouragement, and honesty are incredibly important, as is being open minded and equally ready to accept failure as a part of the process to finding what works for you.

    As suggested above, a swinging club would be a good introduction, or if your area doesn’t have one there may be a dungeon nearby instead ?

    These can seem intimidating, and you mentioned your wife is a little less sure about public acts, so it’s good to keep in mind that these aren’t unsafe places- you set your own limits and politely correct anyone that does otherwise. You never have to join in, and can leave at any point, too.

    Communicate your wishes with your wife and ask her what she’s most interested in, or perhaps used to be but never got the chance to do. You’ve nothing to lose, really, and a lot of bonding and sexual discoveries to be gained.

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    Agree, take your lady to a swinger club. You shoudn't have any problems getting in as a couple, but make contact before to check. You don't have to participate, many people go just to watch. if you feel comfortable you can play together in a playroom with others nearby doing the same, that's very erotic; you don't have to swap, again many people just do that. Or you could swap with another couple for some foreplay only. Or go further if you are both happy.

    Also agree the main thing is communication. Talk through what you want, what you might like to try and what you don't want to do, then give it a go. Jealousy is a often big factor for both involved, could you handle that? You might not know until you try.

    When you try new things, sexually, your boundaries will expand as you go on, just don't rush things. Good luck!

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    Good swinging club in the Midlands called xtasia.
    Won some prizes for being trustworthy etc.

    They running a night soon where you can live out fantasies

    Ie you suggest a fantasy and they act it out, but the caveat is u have to helps others with their fantasies

    They run many different theme nights and have gold star ratings

    Going at your own speed seems promoted here, might be worth a look

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