1. Cuckold/sleeping with someone else

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    Hi all,

    Just wondered if anybody else here has done or tried this?
    My partner told me a few months ago when he was a litttle drunk how he’d love me to get with someone bigger than him then come home to him after and him have his way straight away.
    At first I was a little confused by it but the more I think about it the more I find it a turn on.
    We have spoke since and it’s now a regular chat that gets us both so worked up.

    Stacey xx

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    Hi Stacey.

    I can only speak from the 'exta guy' side of things - but I too find it a very sexy and almost entirely positive experence.

    I've been lucky enough to be the 'bull' for a few couples and my main tip would be to make sure your rules are well established and you all know what they are.

    Also ensure everyone is completely happy with them.

    Otherwise - Have fun.... and let me know how you go on.

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    Why not role play this? Your wife could tell you she has a date with a stud and leave the house one night. When she returns you could ask how it went and get all the lovely details.

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    Hey Stacey, one thing I would do is make sure all the rules have been put in place, for example is kissing off limits etc. And remember that once you do get physical with someone else you can’t take that back. So as long as your both very comfortable with it and your relationship is strong enough then many people swing and cuck on these forums and it’s worked wonders.

    If your partner simply just wants you to get with someone bigger, you could always get a big realistic dildo with a suction base and use it in front of him, my partner attaches her favourite to the wall and mirror wardrobe and goes to town while I watch and it gives a same thrill without someone else being involved which we both feel more comfortable with.

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    It's not cuckolding, but we sleep swapped in separate beds with our best swinger friends when thay stay with us, or when we visit them for the weekend; something weve been doing for many years. We also go on holidays with them and sleep swapped in different hotel rooms some of the nights.

    It's extremely sexy and has a different sort of eroticism to our normal foursome play together. Rather like having an affair, sleeping one-on-one with a someone other than your OH, but without the deceit and guilt. When you're in separate bedrooms you can hear your OH f*cking during the night which is also extremely erotic, and of course it sets you and your bed-mate off too.

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    @Cheshire Guy, we have spoke about the rules, what would be allowed etc so we know where we stand. It’s just actually doing it.
    @Love Stud Too, we have also played this out recently. I went out with the girls. And nothing apart from some flirting happened but I led him to believe I went back to a guys place. It was a huge turn on and one of the best nights with him I’ve had tbh.
    @Lil_Kno Wn69, I have larger toys so at first that was what he liked but now we both have admitted there is a want for me to go further with an actual guy.

    Thanks for the replies

    Stacey xxx

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    Sounds like you have your sights on the next frontier! Sounds like you guys have it planned and ready to go. As long as you lay down the rules enjoy your time and even if it just happens once, not many people are able to live their true fantasies!

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