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    Looking for advice suggestions and experiences from any other couples regarding voyeruism.

    We are a happy MF couple 52 & 47 with a good sex life and also enjoy using toys we have bought from lovehoney.

    Me the male half really loves voyeruism and find it a massive turn on. my OH female as a great figure and looks fantastic in sexy undies and naked. I find the thought and idea of other people catching a glimpse or seeing what i see a real turn on. We have taken some pics together for our own viewing and i find that a big turn on too. I would never do anything behind her back and would never show any of our pics to anyone.

    Now its time for all your thoughts guys

    How do i talk to my OH about wanting other people to see her...( not her face ) i want her to find it a turn on so we can both enjoy the experience. Neither of us is looking to swing or dogging we are happy with each other. but the thought of other people getting turned on by looking at my OH is a real buzz i cant get out of my head lol.

    Any other couples into this or tried it? I would never push her into something she didnt want to do, but i would love to share this experience together as a couple.

    Look forward to your thoughts and ideas

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    Hi Barney, well really the only way to broach this with her is to is to come out with it and say how gorgeous and sexy you find her and how much of a massive turn you'd find it if other people could see her either naked or in sexy lingerie. She may be more open to the idea than you think but if she's not she can say no.

    A safe option that me and my hubby tried was going on a cam site . When I hit my 50th I felt unattractive and past it and my OH tried to reassure me that this wasn't the case and other men would certainly still find me sexy and he suggested the camming. After a bit of thought I decided to do it and it felt safe as we were in our own home and not at some dodgy dogging site where things might get out of control. I never showed my face so it was completely anonymous and it was was a big confidence boost for me and a turn on for us both to hear how much others were enjoying watching me. She can show as little or as much as she's comfortable with.

    On some sites you can also post pics or videos too but obviously she'd need to be onboard with that.

    Just a thought that you might both be interested in x

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    We went through an exhibitionist phase about four yeas ago. We always took pics of her in lingerie (and less) for our own enjoyment and I always thought if others could see them she might get a kick and some confidence from the positive feedback.

    We created a profile on hamster and posted a few pics to test the water. The feedback was good and she got a kick out of the comments and I'm pretty sure was more than slightly turned on by a few of them!

    Over maybe a year we shared about 20 or so galleries, just the usual pics we'd take with a little more effort in way of maybe a striptease style here, or a request or two there. We must have had over 50,000 views by the time we took them all down. I would use tineye occasionally to look for our images on other sites and found full galleries on a Russian image host. After some playing with google translate I got them removed, but that was the end of it for us.

    No images with face or anything identifiable in the background were shared, but to lose control of them was the nail in the coffin. Despite the total anonimity, we were done with it.

    It is fun, a big turn on to know other men (and sometimes women) desire your other half. We were both very pleased and I think the confidence she gained has stuck. We still take the pics and sometimes a vid or two, both of which are far bolder than when we started. So the impact is all but positive.

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    I can fully understand what you mean.

    My oh is 53 and has a body women much younger would be jealous of.

    She too thinks she's lost her looks, and is body conscious.

    My fantasy is to make love in a public place, but somewhere like a swingers club.
    Just me and her, no other parties. I only have eyes for her.
    But to be doing it partly or fully naked, in an environment where others are doing the same, so we aren't the main attraction.

    A club with couples and a safe environment.

    Thus we are off to a swingers club on the 17th March, and I've made a few friends on the clubs forum.

    But oh probably won't be into any public display and will choose locked rooms, (did something similar a while ago)

    Obviously I'm 100% into going at her pace, and after this visit I'm not sure she'll want to go again (think this visit is to please me)

    I am struggling to broach this subject with her, and I'm hoping a few glasses of Dutch courage will make her a little more flexible!

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    Have you tried naturism? It is a great way to realise that we are all different and appreciate what we have.

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    Thanks for the ideas and thoughts guys.......some interesting stuff to think about....maybe i could start on here with members profile and see what she thinks to a few pics in undies???

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    Yes that sounds like a good idea :)

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    Good luck when you visit your swinger club! On our first visit we discovered that we had no problems about having sex with others watching; we didn't swap that first occasion. Many people go just for that, and have no intention of interacting with others. A swinger club is a safe and comfortable environment where people can watch and be watched without breaking the law or having any other unpleasant side-effects.

    We're rather exhibitionist; have been naturists for very many years before swinging. There's nothing wrong about revealing your nude body in front of others.

    We also post nude pics of us, posing and playing together and with others on Fabswingers and Adultism, with the approval of us both. You can of course obscure faces in your pics.

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