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  1. Catching or been caught by your partner masturbating?

    LilMissRachel [sign in to see picture]
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    Me and my boyfriend like to play in front of each other during a session but most of our masturbating is done in private. We know each other does it but don't really see each other doing it. Last Friday night my boyfriend came back from football early and caught me at it which is the first time I've been caught at all. There was not much to say as I was mid wank with a vibrator in me so not much I could really deny! He was suprised but didn't seem to mind too much although I was a bit embarrassed.

    Do any other couples catch each other wanking? I'm surprised that since living together it has not happened more often.

    steph&mike [sign in to see picture]
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    I've seen him wanking in the shower before and caught him at his computer watching porn playing with his cock.

    Purring-Pussy [sign in to see picture]
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    Occasionally, but we like to have our own time too,

    Love Stud Too [sign in to see picture]
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    Happens quite often. My husband has no hang ups about mastubating and there have been many times I have arrived home and caught him pleasuring himself. I've caught him in the shower and the bath, at the computer watching porn. I've caught him in front of TV wanking to porn and lying on our bed giving it some.

    I find it a turn on and sometimes offer to finish him off. Occationally I stop him and get him inside me. There's nothing wrong with mastubating in a loving relationship, I occationally get caught by him giving myself a "diddle" with my dildo or vibrator. It I want a quickie the vibrator is best, if I want it slow Dave my dildo obliges. 😀

    Lovinthetoys [sign in to see picture]
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    Its a funny thing, we do it in front of each other, but if either walks in on the act happening its something to be embaressed of.

    Guess its years of doing it in secret growing up.

    goodlove [sign in to see picture]
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    When we were younger I used to masterbate in secret, got caught once or twice, no huge argument I think Mrs Goodlove thought that masterbationg meant I was thinking of another woman. The first time I caught, or seen, her matsturbating was such a turn on and I was delighted to see her doing it and told her so. Since then we both enjoy masturbating, solo and together, and it forms part of our foreplay. There is nothing wrong with it as far as we are concerned. There is nothing nicer that to see Mrs Goodlove pleasuring herself with fingers or toys as I watch.Depending on the mood I might join in by wanking or just lie beside her and gently caresse her as she approaches her orgasm. Mrs Goodlove has no hang ups about me masturbating now and is a willing watcher and will offer to finish me off or to let me slip into her or let me come on her. We have a very loving relationship and we think of we are not doing any harm and we get pleasue from it, why not enjoy it.

    LIL_KNOWN69 [sign in to see picture]
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    Iv caught my partner a few times but to save any embarrassment I have always just had a sneaky peek and then made myself very absent for her to have some alone time. I think everyone deserves some time for masturbating as it’s a different type of play.

    My partner has caught me red handed a few times but we always giggle or she joins in and we end up having a good ole fashioned quickie. I’m quite open to most things especially with my partner and I don’t tend to get embarrassed about things, but she gets very nervous and shy about herself so it’s a little different when it comes to her times alone.

    dandafun [sign in to see picture]
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    A while back, my wife was downstairs and I figured I had a good bit of time to myself. I stuck some porn on the telly and started bashing away. Not far from reaching climax, I hear the door open and there is stood my wife. She said words to the effect of, so this is what you're up to. I replied by saying I was very close to finishing and then unapologetically carried on stroking. My wife just perched herself on the end of the bed whilst I was seeing to myself and waited patiently until after I came (was only like 30seconds or so) before telling me whatever it was she came upstairs to tell me.

    I've not caught her at it though. But then, she's not really one for self pleasure. She'd rather I do it for her.

    Lu SB [sign in to see picture]
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    I do it whenever I've got the time and have some privacy and I know my hubby does the same. It's funny because a bit like me I know he cherishes his "me" time; it's not a question of being ashamed or doing something behind each other's back, but it's more to do with have that time for yourself only, without concentrating on other's person desires, wishes or even opinions. My OH told me he likes to do on his days off, when he's being lazy and the house is quiet and I totally understand and support him. The difference is that he uses his hands and his mind and I love and need my toys as I've already use my fingers for a lot of other chores - lol. If I caught him or vice-versa, we'd be quiet and make ourselves scarce so the other can finish the job.

    GAYGEEK [sign in to see picture]
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    I do wank in private. but if I'm horny and OH isn't he says to me have a wank while in bed. but I feel embarrassed having a wank when he isn't horny and is trying to go to sleep.
    Plus I like to wank watching porn but I've never watched porn with my OH.
    When I do wank in private he is normally at work. when he comes home I do mention that I have had a wank.

    I think my embarrassent stems from growing up and living at home having to wank and watch porn quietly while parents had next room to mine.

    JayP82 [sign in to see picture]
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    We wank in front of each for foreplay as it turns us both on. She has caught me doing it alone and I just carried on. I've never caught her doing it though.

    Peakcouple [sign in to see picture]
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    Yes, but it doesn't bother either of us. When young, we both had to do it very discreetly as we both had repressive parents (hers were very religious). But it's just a natural part of sexuality and doesn't mean either feels there's something lacking in our sex lives. If either of us disturbs the other we usually let them get on with it, unless invited to join in.

    Lozz [sign in to see picture]
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    I've never caught my husband masturbating but he has caught me a few times - i have a much higher sex drive than him so need a release a few times a week he wasn't overly bothered though

    Senator [sign in to see picture]
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    I didn't catch her mid act, but the other week I went into the shower when Mrs Sen was getting in and had trouble opening the door (it was like there was a heavy object that needed to be moved). When I was in, nothing immediately noticeable, just a pile of clothes behind the door, until I looked a bit harder, and there was the bag that has her 8inch realistic dildo in it.

    She said that she was too excited about the next morning (when we were to try out the new rabbit) and needed something to take the edge off. I told her to enjoy and left her too it, nursing a raging hard on at the thought of her pleasuring herself in the shower.

    Now you could argue "opportunity missed" and you'd probably be right, but its quite the step forward for her to admit masturbating so didn't want to spoil it by intervening.

    For the record, jury is still out on the rabbit (desire rechargeable that was a level 3 perk a few weeks ago), 3 outings so far, 1 hit, 2 misses.

    Dougie&babes [sign in to see picture]
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    Yes been cougth masturbating it was embarrassing at first until I was told to keep going and given instructions on how to take my strokes i told my girlfriend it was a fantasy of mine to walk in on her playing with herself and so she has done a couple of times but I had a friend come home with me and he nearly got a show so maybe have serten days so you know not to come home with a friend or family member it could get really embarrassing

    Oscar [sign in to see picture]
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    My wife is always catching me. I seem to have a higher sex drive than her, and she never masturbates, she doesnt seem to want to and doesnt feel the need so im not going to push her. I usually do it two or three times a week and usually on the sofa or bed when the wife is in the shower when she comes in she tells me to carry on but never wants to join in. We have a good sex life and it doesnt interfear with that so doesnt cause a problem.

    teacake [sign in to see picture]
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    We both masturbate we both know each masturbate,Sometimes we do it in front of each other but most of the time its a solo act, She has caught me more times than i have caught her, I think she leaves her clothing on the bed on purpose just to get me in the mood then tries to catch me lol i have a scent fetish so her worn clothing always gets me in the mood.

    sexywelshlady [sign in to see picture]
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    not been caught yet only a matter of time cannot stop playing with myself when OH out, nearly caught me the other day, playing with bullet on clit and anal beads in was getting carried away just heard the front door closing intime to whip beads out and put in bedside drawer

    Mr_Hammer69 [sign in to see picture]
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    It's my biggest fantasy to come home and catch my wife with one of our toys in her!!!

    Mr34&Mrs31 [sign in to see picture]
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    Not really been caught but a few times when I’ve been horny but mrs was asleep I’ve had a tug and sprayed cum on her.

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