1. Anal help

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    After a bit of help....

    im becoming more and more wanting anal sex, I’ve got a butt plug which is nice but I really want the real thing.

    Is there anything you can do to prepare yourself? Such as something to do so your anus can open up easier, something you can do each day to the muscles

    of course plenty of lube will be used, maybe a certain position makes it easier

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    I am like you I want to try the real thing. I have been stepping up my toys and now can easily manage 8inches. But what I find helps is to try and relax. If I relax and not clench up I can ease it in. Saying that I am really struggling to get a 12 inch in, so lots of practice required for me

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    Hi, there are a range of things you can do to prepare!

    1.) Try using a larger butt plug or move onto an anal probe e.g. BASICs prober, these are thin but can enable you to become used to the legnth, then involve the width by using dildos. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=20412.) If you find it is uncomfortable or tight, squatting is the best postion to open up and relax!

    3.) Ensuring you are relaxed is very important and use lots of lube!

    Best of luck, enjoy!

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    Check out Lovehoney’s YouTube channel. The latest video has some great advice on how start. Then check out the other vids. All great fun and informative

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    I've sized up my husbands butt plugs because he wants me to peg him with a LH life like 6" strap on he bought. He isn't quite there yet as he shyed away the last time I pushed the tip in him. I think that he is scared that I am just going to thrust it straight in and ride him hard. He takes a thinner dildo quite easily so the step up in thickness isn't that much. Lots and lots of lube is needed and a relaxed mind surrendering to the giver!

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    Troubled Joe wrote:

    Check out Lovehoney’s YouTube channel. The latest video has some great advice on how start. Then check out the other vids. All great fun and informative

    Thanks TJ! 

    Here is the video in question...

    First Time Anal Sex Tips

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    Just relax and be open with your partner. I can take her fist up the ass without too much prep.
    Using some toys first is best and work up in sizes. The longer you can leave a toy in the better. Get a good size plug and wear it for as long as you can manage. Go gentle and go easy. Dont rush in. It takes time, but the time is worth it and all part of the fun.

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    Relax with a nice massage and use lots and lots of lube and take things slowly

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    I’m very interested in anal play. My wife isn’t so much but she still enjoys using toys on me knowing that i am loving it. I’ve defintiely been interested in moving past a butt plug or prostate massager to possibly pegging. I’m also a little nervous about it. I want to make sure I’m doing everything right so I don’t end up hurting myself. This is a great thread that I’ll probably be coming back to frequently. Thanks!

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    Anal douching is another important preparation for hygenic anal play.


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    So much good advice already, and I was in exactly the same predicament as you a few years ago, in that I knew that eventually I was going to try the real thing but was very nervous about it.
    I did alot of research on here and other sights, mainly forum type sights, I found fabswingers very useful.
    I had tried and enjoyed loads of toys, both as solo playing and with others, so I knew that I had the ability and capacity so to speak!
    So to progress to finding and actually meeting someone that would be understanding, respectful and gentle, was not as difficult as I had thought it would be.
    The hygiene thing is also extremely important, as at least you have the confidence that in the heat of the moment it's not going to get a little embarrassing! And just take it extremely slowly with alot of lube, and try and relax which is much easier said than done.
    I was very lucky, the guy I met was an experienced top, and very understanding and also, and he won't mind me saying this, was of average endowment! So it wasn't too frightening. I don't use poppers, as some people do, but apparently they are supposed to relax your muscles a little, but I just found they gave me an horrendous headache.
    And I think the biggest surprise for me was how different a real cock feels to all of my toys in a good way, I find the sensations much more intense and exquisite, and it is so much more erotic and naughty.
    So very best of luck, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

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    Yes, definately douche and prepare in advance of an anal fun as you'll enjoy it so much more. It's suprising how much more empty and clean you will feel meaning you'll be able to take bigger toys easily. My wife pegs me with an 8 inch dildo and that's fairly deep. Best way to prep for this is to try and wear a medium/large comfortable butt plug for a couple of hours before pegging and this will really help stretch you out. My wife usually comments on how easy it is and loves the gape it leaves when the plug is pulled out too ;)

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    Take your time and relax. I can only speak for toys as not had the real thing. I start with the 7 inch curved silicone live honey dildo for a while (finger first). then after a while and can take it fully comfortably i put my butt plug in; again slowly.
    Found the best position is layed on my back with my legs over my head/above my head

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    I like the idea of wearing a plug before to loosen up. Would you say it’s better to wear one that will help with the depth or more with loosening the anus to allow the insertion. Most of the plugs I have a large insertable portion but a narrow shaft that the anus rest on... if that makes sense.

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