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  1. Bad Behaviour

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    If you're really bored - you can read my story:

    I'm married and I have two children. We live very happily and affluently.

    Just recently, I have taken myself off an 18 month long period of very bad behaviour, which my wife knows nothing about. I'm doing everything I can to get things together and stay clean forever after.

    Basically, I went through seeing prostitutes all the time. Not quite once a week, but close to it. I knew it was wrong, but in general they were independent, beautiful women and I enjoyed every minute of it. I've given up now, and I don't think I'll be going back to that.

    You may be asking "why?". The reason is simply - frustration. I'm not saying this is justification for what I've done - simply mitigation. I've been with my wife 12 years, and married for 10 of them. In that time, sex has never been amazing, but has been on a downward trend. There have only ever been two positions (missionary or her on top) and she point blank refused to give oral for seven years - and she doesn't want to receive it either. Lately, she won't take off her clothes for sex, and spends a lot of time pretending to be asleep. What's most frustrating is that she's a very attractive woman - I remember clearly one night we came back from a party, where we'd had a great time, we got home, she took off her make up, dress, expensive designer underwear and stockings. She put on a tracksuit - jumped into bed and forced herself to sleep as fast as possible. All other facets of our marriage were as happy as I could imagine its possible to be. We have a great life and fun all the time. She's just not into sex, and doesn't want to put out if at all possible. Recently, she started into using sex as currency within the marriage, to get what she wants - "if you're good to me, we can do it tonight blahblah" which made me even more angry. There is nothing at all within our marriage which I restrict or use as leverage. I thought sex was supposed to be a happy experience between loving people - not a reward bestowed upon men by women for "good behaviour".

    So anyway - I went a bit crazy in 2008, after feeling like an idiot begging my wife for sex all the time (and before you ask - yes, all the romance and candles bit has been tried- but why should I have to put on a pantomime everytime I want to have sex with my wife?) and I'd been denied one of her famous 20-second blowjobs for the third month in a row (she said I was allowed one a month) I went out and found another attractive woman who was quite happy to oblige for £100. I didn't look back for a long time.

    That's it really. What do you think? I can take it.

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