1. Persuading her to edge me.

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    Hi all
    I love edging myself when I have w*$k and I would love the OH to edge me. I have mentioned it a few times but alas she hasn't done it. I would also like to be on the receiving end of some ruined orgasms but alas no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting her to edge and ruin my orgasms?

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    Do you have the will power to pull yourself away from her when about to come? then please her, give her oral etc then go again making yourself edge. Good luck.

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    My partner loves being edged and we have done it a few times. At the beginning ( and still is sometimes ) it was hard to know when he was going to come. We found him telling me "I'm gonna cum" or "stop" made it much easier. I find men are so much harder to make any signals of when they are going to cum. Could always try removing her hand when your about to finish until she gets the swing of things. X

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    I agree my man saying stop really helps me to know or him telling me he's getting close, sometimes though if I'm in a naughty mood I won't stop lol but more often than not I do because then I get a longer seeing too lol

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    Communication !!!! have you just talked about the idea of it, while outside the bedroom, then just waited for her to initiate it.

    She may be waiting for you to say you would like her to do it "now". It's not beyond the realms of possibilty that she thought you were just trying to find out if it was something she would want to do, for herself. And if it wasn't she wouldn't mention it again.

    Were you clear that it's something that you would like her to do for you. it all depends how you worded it when you spoke to her the first time. Have you asked her how she feels about doing it.

    I'm guessing here, as you don't say, so just a few thoughts.

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    I have to agree with @Alicia4Ever that communication is the bedrock.
    Many moons ago in another job we had an an acronym when facing clients known as "WIFM", (what's in it for me), now this went both ways insofar as it was advantageous to both client/business to invest in the product. Similarly you need to adopt the same approach when trying something new together .
    Could be your partner isn't interested as they don't understand what could be "init" for them. Then again you may not have explained your desire sufficiently?
    Although you haven't stated, I assume she is comfortable with masturbation? If so then with a little more communication / explanation it should be easier.
    Good luck

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