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  1. First time in a long time

    rabbott [sign in to see picture]
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    So then folks I'd like some advice and suggestions please;

    Being in a long distance relation I obviously don't get to have sex with my partner very often. Soon, however, I will and this has given me a bit of a dilema.

    Obviously I plan to focus on her pleasure the first time to remind her what I can do, but the question is do I pull out pretty much all my tricks the first time in order to try and blow her mind, do I take it easy and almost disappoint her (then surprise her in the proceiding nights), or do I go somehwere in the middle?

    Of course a lot will depend on how she responds to what I do and what she's in the mood for at the time, but suggestions and opinions would be very much appreciated please!

    Sum Sub [sign in to see picture]
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    My advice is not to plan anything.
    Just go with the flow, see how it goes, more spontaneity will make the time together more memorable than if it's planned and something goes awry.
    That doesn't mean you can't be prepared though. 'Protection', lube, massage oil, clean and tidy if that's what she's in to.

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    100% agree with sumsub, simple prep is always a good place to start. Could always run her a bath too ( everyone loves a pre filled bubble bath, Right?) 😁

    I would go some what in the middle. Always the morning to finish what you started. X

    rabbott [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you both, lube and condoms already sorted (and packed 10 days in advance ) I love your idea with the bath Delboy! Though it'll likely be a bath bomb as apposed to just bubbles. I'm not planning out every movement, just wondering how hard to push it if you catch my drift. The morning after sounds damn good to me

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    I remember visiting a long distance girlfriend I met on holiday and when unpacking my clothes I pulled out two large ten packs of condoms. The look on her face told me this was a very bad move. I must have come across as an insatiable sex fiend! That weekend didn't go well and I left having used one condom and we soon lost touch. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Think how the girl feels not about yourself. The good advice here to pamper her is spot on! Don't pre-plan just focus on your lady and you will surely satisfy her completely.

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