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  1. Seduction Attempted - Struggling!

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    OK just to update on the attempted wooing back or said Boy, this is gonna be hard I think.

    I tried wearing the Booty Parlour Don't Stop perfume and I have to say he was laughing with me a lot more than usual. I wore a slightly low cut t-shirt which because I have lost some weight kept riding down revealing two well proportioned puppies - I naturally have large breasts when I'm slimmer, however boys, they hurt when I run! LOL

    We sat watching a DVD and I could tell he was feeling something. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he kept looking at them and this got more as the afternoon wore on. Then when we had some tea, he took the lid of a Pringles tube and was frisbeeing it at me at my chest. After a while of us mucking about like this, he grabbed the top and slide it inbetween my breasts and giggled. I giggled and asked what on earth am I supposed to do with a lid in my breasts? He replied about it being a comfy place to slide things.

    I them asked him whilst laughing if he could kindly remove the lid as it was making my boobs sore. Before I could profer the command of "with your teeth", he had taken it out and started frisbeeing it at me again. I grabbed it and went to put it up the leg of his shorts and he said "no people have to eat these crisps", I said what was the issue as the lid had been between my boobs and he said my boobs were nice and clean.

    I didn't probe deeper at this point.

    At this point his dog stole a sandwich off the plate and he told him off as he doesn't steal food as a rule and sent him to his bed which the dog didn't do so he raised his voice and bobs ya uncle, he sat back down on the bed squashed up to the wall and although was being nice to me didn't continue with the frisbeeing.

    He was a lot nicer to me than of late but still only 2 pecks on the lips when I went no cuddle all day, no hand holding, nothing. Now I don't really know how to deal with this. He does seem a little jittery and has done for some time, if I go near his genitals or nipples. If I squeeze his bum sometimes he just jumps a bit and other times he moves so I actually can't reach it.

    Once upon a time a low cut top would have had him gagging, or if I had tried putting the Pringle lid up the leg of his shorts he would of let me start fondling his cock, but now....(shrugs), I dunno. I guess it's the guilt of what he has done coming out and he seems to recoil away from physical contact 97% of the time.

    TRouble is, is I also wore a thong with some baggy jeans hoping he would see them poking above the waistband which is also another turn on for him, but short of pulling the top up at the back all the time, I don't think he saw. But I always loved the feel of things - not worn them much lately and I have been feeling extremely horney all day.

    So in short, the Don't Stop pheromone perfume made him nicer to me but still can't get him to make physical contact. Daft because he's even talking about the furniture fund for when we move in together.

    Any tips or can anyone suggest any good books I can get ideas from please?

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