1. So who’s into pain? Any tips and tricks?

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    I’m only 18 but have always considered myself to be made wet through pain and now I can’t get enough of it! Any advise?

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    What advice are you looking for? I have just started getting into it all but I too love it! X

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    Just things that I may like to try - I’m so interested! X

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    We are in a similar situation (I'm 21 and a masochist too), so I'll offer what advice I can!

    It's all about experimenting, as everyone enjoys different kinds of pain. Your number one priority should be to work out just what kind of pain you like. I presume you're able to get lovehoney deliveries, so try out some different products - something on the 3 for £15 deals, for example (you don't want to spend much while you're experimenting). The BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps and BASICS Nipple Suckers are on the deal. Maybe try out a crop or flogger too. Once you figure out what kind of pain you like most, you can invest in something a bit more expensive or different - if you like nipple stimulation, you could try some vibrating clamps or suckers! :)

    Remember to keep it safe and look after yourself!

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    Thanks for the advise so helpful! I love my nipple clamps and enjoy being tied up but I don’t know about spanking yet. I’d say I’m pretty advanced with nipple pain, but as for spankif I’m a beginner. Maybe a flogger would be perfect!

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    Hello :) if you are interested in trying spanking then I would highly recommend one of the paddles that lovehoney supply.


    It consists of two different sides, the satin side is smooth and soft. Perfect for beginners who are just trying it out and finding there boundaries. The other side is leather and defiantly provides much more of a sting should you decide that you want to go a bit further! The not knowing of which side is going to come next can also be great fun!

    Most importantly whatever you decide make sure rules are established and enjoy!

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    I really enjoy being spanked, sometimes it is the feel of a hand that I need, skin on skin, I also love the sting of a ruler and a paddle. The only thing I would say is the person who is spanking needs to know the right area as I had an experience with someone that didn't really know what he was doing and left me in pain from trying to spank me but was too high and close to my spine. You also need to work out a safe word. I have a mutually beneficial arrangement and we both get what we need and can experiment and push our boundaries but the word needs to be there just incase, I have never had to use it but if there wasn't that safe word there and he thought I wanted more there isn't much I could do as most of the time I am tied up. As long as you are keeping safe then try different things.

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