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  1. Help with pspot, need tips from experienced people

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    Hello. I have been lovehoney customer for some time, but I never wrote here before.

    I am trying to achieve prostate orgasm for few months now, but every time I try, seems like I'm loosing it, or just hitting the wrong spot.

    I am not yet sure, how should sensation feel, because sometimes I feel the urge to pee, but it goes away, and other times I get contractions and it feels like I'm close, but I don't feel the urge to pee.

    I am very emotional and orgasmic person, and I don't have any issues regarding shame or putting something in my butt, and I can't quite understand why can't I reach for it.

    I am using this toy:


    It was my first toy and I'm not sure if it's right for me. I can't invest in any other toy for some time and want to practice with this one until I reach my first prostate orgasm.

    I read a lot about it, and I would need some tips.

    I am trying to position this toy, so it's pointing up, but when I leave it, it rotates and dispositions, but it doesn't feel bad, tho I'm not sure if I should hold it so it's tip is facing upwards all the time.

    I'm not sure how deep I should go, when I'm shallow inside, I feel contactions, when I'm deeper I feel urge to pee, but I loose it. I think I am struggling to find, reach pspot and keep at it. I tried to use my fingers, but my fingers are very short and it's hard for me to do it.

    For those who are experienced in pspot orgasms here are few questions I have:

    From all the articles I've read, I'm still not sure of how do I know if I'm close, how do I know if I reached my pspot, since I keep finding different sensations at different places at different times, and I don't know for sure for what to look for?

    When I feel sensations building up, should I squeeze my pc muscles like I'm trying to hold pee or should I push like I'm trying to pee?

    From point of view of this toy, should it go deep or not, since sometimes I think it's too deep, sometimes I think it's not deep enough?

    Should the tip of this toy be facing upwards all the time, and do I have to align the curve of the toy to be facing upwards, push it upwards?

    Thank you reading this massive text, I have been struggling with this for few months and I really need some help.

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    Those kinds of toys don’t get me off I’m sorry. They feel good but it takes a good dildo and some thrusting to get me convulsing.

    For me, an anal orgasm feels like a full body convulsion almost. The urge to pee is an indicator that your getting close but when I come it’s not an urge, it’s pretty much uncontrollable, if my partner is doing to stimulating then I literally cannot stop the convulsions until she stops. It is a feeling that is unlike a normal orgasm and is difficult to describe but it feels nice, massive endorphine rush.

    That’s not the only kind of orgasm like sensation I get from it though. If you combine a normal orgasm with the anal stimulation then, even if your not getting the full body anal orgasm, the two combine for a pretty powerful O in their own right.

    My advice is two fold, first, whatever is getting you to that urge to pee sensation is basically the right kind of sensation. Don’t hold back keep at that and it might get you all the way. Otherwise I’d advise get something like the silicone love honey lifelike dildo and get some thrusting going, stick it to a wall and basically ride it. With a little practice you’ll be coming hard with no hands.

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    I have been using an Aneros device and have experienced some of the most intense and pleasureable orgasms of a kind I never believed existed. Although my device is not a vibrating one and is used hands free, so I’m not sure if I can offer any advice regarding how best to use yours. I have heard that people feel the urge to pee and this can be a sign that you are in the right area but maybe the vibes are too strong and triggering that urge to pee. I must admit that I did consider trying a vibrating massager as I found it was a slow process with the Aneros. But having read up on it I realised it is a whole new process and it can take a while for your brain and body to adjust to a different kind of stimulation. It is all very subtle and once your body gets used to the device it begins to happen involuntarily, although a few contractions and gentle breathing do help. Also the slow build only seems to intensify the pleasure and feeling of reaching a climax . All I can say is that it is worth persevering. To experience multiple non ejaculatory orgasms that build up and last for minutes at a time and sessions that can last for thirty to sixty minutes and more is something I still find difficult to comprehend. Why more men don’t explore this possibility I don’t know but can only urge them to try.

    Maybe in time you could try an Aneros device but, in the meantime all I can advise is, maybe not going in too high. The prostate is only a couple of inches or so inside. You will have to hold your massager in place and make sure that the curved end is pointing forward all the time. Try using it without the vibrations and gently massage around that depth. It took several attempts before I began to notice any reactions at all. The first signs were involuntary spasms and whole body juddering. An unusual feeling of being too hot, breathing started to come in short gasps, eventually a feeling of tension building in the whole body that built into an almighty orgasm. I can’t explain it exactly but if you look out for any of thes signs you may be on the way.

    Good luck.

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    I dont have a lot of experience in this area, but it was something I was exploring a few months ago and I found, laying on my side and just using my hands, mainly my thumb and just press down as if your pressing away from your penis, feels like a pressue is building. Take your time and just find that spot that works for you. Then I found if I used a vibrator, one thats quite thin but with ridges and a thicker heas, that felt really intense.


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    My wife would use her fingers when she goes on top, I also have silicone anal beads. These get left in when we're having sex and because they wiggle when I move this brings me to orgasm. With mine I get extremely hot as the feeling gets stronger.

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    Thank you for all your tips. I had a new session yesterday, and I think I was close but I didn't feel the "pee" effect. It felt like a bit of pressure and tightness in that area, and I had few times a feeling like it's close and I tried to breathe slower and calmer and I even tried to gently hold my breath, but I just can't trigger it.

    I felt good when I didn't do anything, or maybe just a little "push and pull" with my pc muscle. But when I tried to push harder I kinda lost it, and when I tried to pull harder same, and even when I left it to not do anything I felt it there but eventually it went away.

    I am not sure how to help myself with it, should I focus on "pee" effect or just the pleasure without it?

    Should I push hard or pull hard (by push I mean like you push when you pee, and pull as the way you stop peeing)?

    Is it possible that I got the orgasm but I didn't feel any contractions or "O" effects I read about, just the calm effect?

    Thank you for your support.

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