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    Hi all, anyone tried Zuyosa herbal stamina pills? Would love to have sex several time with over but after ejaculation it takes AGES to get hard again. A number of LH reviews suggesting hard erections for disturbing amount of time - I’ve read that it’s actually dangerous so am a bit reluctant about taking one (I bought a pack and have been deliberating over actually taking them).

    Thanks - have bought loads from LH but only just noticed a forum. Ha!

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    Sorry, was meant to include the link https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34967

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    My husband's a fan of these. Have been using them for a couple of years, every few months, as a treat .

    They definitely help him get hard again quicker but he's not experienced any unwanted, lengthy erections. Definitely not like the little blue pill urban myths you hear about 48 hour stiffies. They help him get harder, for longer and assist in his recovery time but he's never suffered with one that won't go down.

    Have a look at our review. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34967&reviewid=191632#customer_reviews.

    He's only had one negative reaction, a quite bad headache and this only happened once and may not even have been connected to the pills as, as I say, it only ever happened once.

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    Hi mate, so I've bought these once.

    It was over a year ago as I was away with my GF and yeah wanted something to get me ready for seconds quicker (I can't keep up with her!). From memory you do get a warm fuzzy feeling, and it almost feels like the blood is just sitting in your groin waiting for the opportunity to flood into your member

    The first time we used it don't recall the sex itself being any better, and tbh I don't even think the recovery improved that much. I DO remember the next morning getting hard very quick though, so inconclusive. I think the 3 remaining was slightly better, but for me there's a lot of variables like sleep, full meals, mental health etc...

    I would also say we'd been drinking on a few of the uses so could have had an effect?

    But in all honesty you can get similar results for cheaper. I find a banana before (during if you're kinky) or immediately after works wonders, even a shot of espresso if it isn't late. Keeps the energy levels noticably higher. I'd also recommend penis pumps, with regular use you feel much harder for sure.

    If you're into fitness I'd also get beta alanine (research first) as when I cycle this I always feel my performance improve! Hope that helps!

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    Get a penis pump makes a big difference

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    These actually do get decent reviews so I do suggest them often to customers.. but gosh.. they're so expensive!!

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    Guy14357 wrote:

    Get a penis pump makes a big difference

    Have to agree with this. Since my OH bought a penis pump he is thicker and harder than before and I love taking control of the pumping then taking advantage of the massive member it produces. 😀

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