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  1. Mirena & the Copper Coil

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    No it's not some dystopian thriller but a question:

    So, Mrs SXE and I had a fairly bad time with the pill and decreased sex drive having a big impact on our relationship (Microgynon and then another one, with white and orange packaging?). The switch was made to the copper coil and her sex drive went through the roof before settling back to something more 'normal' (whatever that means).

    However, it's now time for it to be replaced and we've been discussing Mirena as an alternative. Mrs SXE gets fairly bad cramps and, has a somewhat metallic taste which she's very conscious of. Then again, we're very wary of anything hormonal and that gradual creep towards less and less interest in sex; we thought we'd ask the good people of LH for their expertise and knowledge on the subject. Can anyone share their experience?


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    My wife had issues with the pill when we were younger so had a coil fitted for years. Had it removed when it came to replacement time only so we could have kids. She went back on a different type of pill just after but still struggled with the hormones (combined with night shifts she was all over the place) so is now back on coil no.2.

    I don't think she's suffered cramps with it, outside the usual monthly ones-the one benefit of the pill! Whilst it's not a pleasant experience having it fitted she's much happier without the mood swings and faff of remembering to take the pill.

    I keep thinking I should get the snip and do my share after 20 years of it being her 'responsibility' but have a friend who had a bad experience that puts me right off!

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    Hi there sxe_couple21 , I've experienced the pill , the copper coil and the mirena coil and for me the mirena definately came out top.

    I came off the pill due migraines and because I kept forgetting to take it! Had a copper coil fitted but started to suffer from bad cramping along with very heavy periods every month . After about a year I couldn't stand it any longer and asked to have it removed, it was then that my GP recommended the mirena coil which was actually quite a new thing at the time.I was also worried about the hormone aspect but was assured that the level of hormones is pretty low( equivalent to taking just one contraceptive pill a week) . It was no more uncomfortable to have inserted than the copper one and lasts for up to 5 years.

    Straightaway there was a massive difference, gone were the cramps and heavy bleeding replaced by very very light periods( some women are lucky enough to have no periods at all on it) I noticed no difference in my sex drive and had no more mood swings than what I'd normally get every month.

    When my 5 years were up I had it replaced with another mirena and that continued until I had to have a hysterectomy 5 years ago ( unrelated to the coil) . I was very happy with  it and for me it was probably the best form of contraception I ever had .

    Hope this bit of info has helped x

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    Hi there.

    My wife began taking the pill when we met when she was 18 until we began trying for our second child when she was 34. After he was born she had a copper coil fitted. As she had suffered migraines, she avoided the mirena coil as it has hormones like the pill in it.

    We were told it would last 10 years and all was ok for about 7 and a half years, aside from heavier periods which gradually became heavier as time went on.
    until about 18 months ago.
    Her periods were lasting longer and longer, with virtually no break in between and she began having worse and worse cramps, bringing her to tears. (something she never previously suffered with at all).

    She eventually had it removed about 8 months ago and, as we are now 44 and 45, I had a vasectomy. Best move we ever made! Her periods settled down immediately. They became lighter, shorter and most importantly, pain free.

    My wife's experience of the copper coil was overall good but our advice would be, if your good lady begins to have any discomfort or things begin to change, do not hesitate to have it removed. If that isn't the cause, she can always have another one fitted.

    Good luck.

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    I too have had all 3, and for me, the Mirena is by far the best. I had to come off the pill (various types), as they all had weight and mood issues. The copper coil was great as it didn't have the weight and mood problems, but I had severe period pain and that metallic taste. My GP suggested the Mirena, and I have to say it is brilliant. It stopped my periods completely, and it took whatever outstanding mood issues I had away, and I have to say I've been much more interested in sex since I've been on it. I wouldn't be without one (unless I was trying for children).

    I would say give it a go, and they can always take it out if it causes problems.

    VR [sign in to see picture]
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    The only way to find out is to try it.

    I did and found it awful. I bled constantly, developed acne and was a nightmare with mood swings. I was like that with the Pill, too (apart from when I decided not to have the week break for about 6 months. My moods disappeared along with my periods then. It was wonderful!).

    Good luck.

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    I got the Minera coil a couple of years ago and it's really helped me :) Pregnancy is never really a concern, I don't get mood swings from my hormones anywhere as much, I have PCOS and used to bleed really heavily for sometimes months at a time, then nothing for months (It was exhausting), and it completely stopped my bleeding, I don't get cramps anymore and I used to get them really bad.

    Remember you can make an appointment to get it taken out at anytime if you don't like it, but I love mine and will be getting another as soon as the one I have is taken out :)

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