1. Best position for anal and vaginal sex ?

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    Looking for some tips and advice on best most comfortable positions with maximum pleasure?

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    Doggy every time for both.

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    I really don't like doggy for anal. Far too impersonal. I prefer closer contact.

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    A wedge pillow, can be a great help(you can get cheap blow up ones from popular 'auction' sites) to prop up the receiving persons bum(either sex), then you can still be face to face? Standing behind perhaps in front of a mirror can be good too depending on respective height-get her to stand on a plinth/box?

    Her lying on her side one leg upwards and him straddling the leg on the bed can give deep(maybe too deep) penetration?

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    When I'm taking I like to start off in the doggy position as I find it feels better going in that way and gets me worked up a lot quicker then after a while I love to be flipped over onto my back and have my legs in the air over the shoulders.

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    Spoons, is comfortable, intimate, and allows access for clit stimulation, and neck kissing.

    laying down doggy, at least that's what I call it. As it's exactly like doggy, only you both take the position on your sides.

    The cross, also great for clit stimulation at the sametime.

    Side slide, you can do DP with this one, you push on the dildo with your thigh as you trust.

    Lazy doggy, another one that is my name for it; the guy lays on his back knees up, she goes hands and knees like doggy, between his knees, with her bum facing him. Then she backs up, onto him. If it's vagianal, he can use a dildo on her anus; and also give her a good spanking, he gets a great view too. She does most of the work, a bit like reverse cow girl,; if you put strong scarf behing her thighs, you can pull her back onto you. LH used to do a harness type thing to allw you to her back, but it doesn't seem to be on the site any more.

    I will have to describe this one, I don't have a name for it. She lays on her back with a good few pillows under her bum. he kneels between her thighs, she digs her heels in and lifts her self up so her back is arched ( thats why the pillows to help support her) if you adjust your kneeling so your thighs push under her bum a bit , with your legs slightly parted, intil you get the height, and closness right, so you can penetrate. It gives you access to her clit, inner thighs, and tummy, maybe even up to her breasts. if you are both flexible. I don't know what it is about arching my back, and pushing my knees out, but it gets me going big style.

    Maybe this one doesn't come under the easy comfortable label, for her, but I put it in because it really does something for me. even though it's quite hard for me to hold myself up to be penetrated.

    You can do all these anal or vaginal.

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    Prone bone , her legs closed, if she opens her legs in the same position it gets called froggy, as it looks like frogs going at it. These are very comfy for both, and you are skin on skin to her back, you can kiss the back of her neck, I have even managed to kiss my partner, if I really twist my head and tilt it back. You can even reach under and play with her boobs. If you move up her you can get some pressure against the front wall of her vagina, where her g spot is. If you move too far, up her back you will keep slipping out.

    You can also do the same position but with you kneeling over her bum, rather than laid flat on her back. great to spank a her bum a bit, but you can't reach more than the top part of her bum, as you are straddling her. You can also give her a lovely back massage, as you penetrate her; I love this done to me, it's dreamy.

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    For vaginal intercourse we use a wedge pillow, doggy style (which is my wife's favourite position) or spooning but for anal intercourse we use the wedge pillow as I need to see her face during penetration to make sure she is comfortable and not in pain. It is also more intimate and less domineering in this position.

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    For me it's got to be doggy. With anal or dp. Love the deepness of it

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    For her, it's cowgirl for maximum pleasure, vaginally. There's more than just penetration, taking contriol of the sex and watching the man's face when he cums is a lot of the pleasure. For him, the best vaginal position is doggy.

    For anal, face-down doggy is best for both of us. DPs are best done with her in cowgirl with one man and the other man behind in doggy. That's good for the traditional vaginal and anal and for double vaginal too.

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