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  1. Amazon position


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    Has anyone used this position and do both partners benefit? It looks like penetration can be really deep and the woman can benefit from clitoral and g-spot stimulation. It just looks like a little flexibility is needed and the penis has to be angled down a little more than usual.


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    Never tried it and had to Google it .Sometines you do positions sithout knowing what they are called. I would imagine it would be deep but movement restricted?

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    Hey Stuburns!

    Hell no! (and I'd probably crush and kill Mr Spider if we tried! lol) I think the girl would need hellish good balance and strength in her legs to maintain this position for long!

    I had to look this position up in The Bad Girls Bible too - I'd honestly never heard of it. xx

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    Having just looked this up we have to agree with you Lady Spider

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    In my experience it’s doable but it’s really ’clunky’ and difficult to stop the weight of the entire body quickly if you need too. I fractured my penis when we were doing this and she got over exuberant, she couldn’t stop her movement in time.

    You can get the benefits you mentioned by creating anterior (rear) pelvic tilt in a missionary style position by using loads of pillows, the arm of a sofa, a fence or a sex stool without loosing all of the control.

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