1. Have you tried anything new latley

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    surely magic kisses are ok?

    (like when you're little & you fall over & your mum kisses it better)

    that's genuine real-life magic & I won't listen any of you sceptics deny it

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    Loves huni wrote:

    ooh well me and my man are delving into anal but are having to start very slowly... but we did get a little horney yesterday whilst out driving.. ended up in me giving him head while we were driving (thats half way to car sex right? lol) and then we parked up and ran down to some ruins just out the way and had awesome sex in the rain! :D :D :D


    That's disgusting. I'm ringing the National Trust!

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    On holiday a few weeks ago when having some drunken sex with my wife, she asked me to put my finger up her ass (this was a groundbreaking event as i have only done this once before to her a few years back in a hot tub)

    She loved it and i soon had 2 fingers up there, her ass was so wet from her gushing wet pussy and after a few minutes i had my cock up there, it was amazing sex, were no longer virgins !

    We were then at it every opportunity on holiday and one night at 2am we were doing it on the sunbeds when one of the hotel staff came along and asked us if we were okay !god knows how long her was watching before he said anything to us !!

    However since being home she has gone off the idea and i am desperate to do it again, patience, and booze is the key i guess ! lol !!

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