1. Sore Knees!


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    I searched and did not see it, so hopefully this is a topic that will interest everyone. Maybe it is my age LOL or just the fact that at times I find myself in uncomfortable positions but hoping to get advice on how to avoid the dreaded sore / bruised knee issue.

    Specifically yesterday was playing solo with a suction cup toy and it adheres best to the tile floor in my bathroom. But any advice on what you can recommend to pad the knees or cushion them in certain positions without actually wearing knee pads would be helpful.

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    Hey Vanessa

    The only thing I can think of is to use pillows xx I suffer the same problems, my love - so following this with interest xx

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    What about one of those gardeners foam knee rests/pads/cushions? They are discreet (so easy to store when not in use), small and inexpensive.

    The ones without the handles that are simply just a foam pad is what I am thinking.

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    I use a towel on the floor in the bathroom. The gardeners knee pad is a good idea too. Also consider something like a yoga mat, their are thin foam ones that are not bulky but do reduce pressure enough to avoid bruising. My partner bruises super easy so it’s a good question.

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    While I am no expert I did have a thought. What about something that you could fix the toy to and then use it on the bed or carpeted floor, a bit more comfortable than hard floors. I have a narrowish mirror that is on a sturdy wooden surround, so no chance of breaking it. Also provides interesting views. Anything that the toy would stick to do would do I suppose.


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    ok the gardening thing sounds like an option... I need to be able to not have them slide out too bad if I am riding a toy.

    This specific toy needs a floor or a wall it is too heavy for a smaller object I swear yesterday could have been a bloopers video with my poor knee bruised today

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    What about something like a Liberator Wedge? Expensive.. but I assume it would do the trick!

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    The car headrest pillows are OK. You can get them in shops that sell things for one pound. There are horseshoe-shaped ones and cylinder ones. The former stays in place better but the latter has more comfortable cushioning.

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    Being a keen Motorcyclist I recommend one piece crothless leathers tailored to your curves, the knee, hip, spine and elbow pads will allow you to have the most lively solo time or sex ever whilst keeping you safe....oh sorry fantasising again 😉

    Alternatively what about a high density foam camping sleep mat with a circle cut out of it? They’re £5 to £10 depending on the thickness and then you can position your knees however you want them and move around without faffing?

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    Loo seat top is usually flat when closed you could stick it on there then your knees are off the ground.
    Search sex pillow on a popular selling site, you can get inflatable pillows(something I've asked in the Pander to me section) that have a hole to hold a dildo allowing you to ride it but you'll still have your knee issue I use a bath mat or squat over my butt plugs that I rest on top of a small beach bucket to raise it up about 8" still on the mat to stop it slipping around

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    Have you considered something along the lines of a sheepskin rug? Got wooden floors and we find it really useful for preventing the eventual discomfort from kneeling for longer periods. It's small enough to be easy to position and move around the house without difficulty when the mood takes you.

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    Depending on what I'm doing, it's a towel on top of soft blankets on top of my already plush carpet. (But it takes me a LONG time to get off so it's a tad excessive).

    If you're experiencing this problem no matter what you try, it might sound silly, but... heck, knee pads could be sexy if you're into pet play or maybe in costume as a sexy hockey player ? (Ooh, that's a good one for Halloween !).

    Good luck. x


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    An easy remedy and very pertanent at this time of the year is the use of a good excercise mat .

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