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  1. Glans sensitivity

    10spdee [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi guys and gals. New on here and wondering if you can advise.

    Are there any methods to de- sensitive the glans? I am using a flesh light, my first foray into toys. While it does feel glorious to be inside something and I know these are early days, I find after the initial insertion, half a dozen strokes and I can’t help but cum. I would like the sessions to last a bit longer. For my usual solos I tend to just concentrate on the shaft and only begin to touch the tip when I want to finish. I have made myself a bit of equipment that I use that just gently grips the shaft of my penis, I kneel astride it and just rock back and forth so the glans doesn’t really get stimulated at all until such times I want to finish, 20 to 30 minutes. I think the continuous stimulation while using the FL is overwhelming at the moment. I know there are delay creams and sprays, something I should try? I have also read that by leaving the glans exposed during the day it will rub on your clothing and de-sensitise that way. I’ve tried this in the past but found a couple of problems with it, firstly I end up having to deal with uncomfortable erections that I didn’t really want, and having damp underclothes as I start to produce pre cum. Also pubes get trapped in the foreskin and it’s hell. I don’t have a partner so I am disappointing no one but myself. I look forward to hearing your suggestions

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    Are you using plenty of lube with the fleshlight? You can try experimentation with your strokes, maybe? Go slower... do 1 stroke, enjoy...then stop for a minute? I think only time will cure your problem, my lovely... play often and I'm sure you'll get less sensitive.

    I could quite probably be wrong as I don't have a willy..but thought I'd offer you a little advice xx

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    A numbing lube may help or a condom (one of the thicker ones like extra safe) can reduce the feeling(and easier cleaning)

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    I have found fleshlights to be more exciting than 'the real thing' at least until you get used to them (I have two). But as I've aged, I have found I've become a bit premature with my partners, so recently tried this from Lovehoney -

    It is truly amazing! I spray a small amount on the end of my cock about 15 minutes before sex starts, and it doesn't inhibit my erection but de-sensetises me enough to keep going for as long as I used to, much to my delight and the appreciation of my OH and the one swing partner I've tried it with.

    It doesn't deaden me so much that I lose my erection or have difficulty cumming when I want to. It also doesn't taste unpleasant, so oral foreplay isn't a problem.

    Fantastic stuff, I have tried delay condoms in the past but they just haven't worked. This really does work. I use it all the time now.

    10spdee [sign in to see picture]
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    Ah, thanks for the replies. Very nice of you. Yeah, I think I need to just relax a little and take time to adjust to the new sensation. I suppose it’s like any new exercise, your body needs time to adjust. I might still try the spray though and use it now and again when I feel the need for a longer session.

    Thanks again.

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