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  1. How to keep sex interesting when you've done it all?!

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    Hi there! OH and I have been having sex for 8 years now and we've always been very experimental. We feel like there's nothing left for us to try from LH at times- my toy drawer is overflowing! We've looked at sexual bucket lists online and ended up giggling because we've checked off 48/50 things!

    I'm not overly concerned- our sex life is varied and fantastic, and we haven't run out of ideas just yet- but I just wonder... has anyone else been in a similar situation and how did you overcome your creative block?

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    Hmmmmmmmm a tough one! Have you considered things like roleplay / scenarios? :)

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    Hey NovacaineDoll

    Mr Spider and I have been together for 17 years,and i don't think there's much we haven't had a go at sexually...some we love others not so much. I think the key is not to get bogged down with detail and planning, keep things as spontanious as you can. Yeah, sometimes its great to plan a sexy or romantic evening - but hey....do those evenings ever go exactly to plan? lol

    We have a draw full of toys, but I still keep buying more...a girl can never have too many toys - each and everyone of them can give me a slightly different orgasm! We have our favs obviously, and stuff that gets used much more than others - but isn't it great to delve down to the bottom of your drawer and find summing you've not used for ages?

    If your sex life is varied and fantastic I wouldn't worry too much, my lovely, as long as you don't get stuck in a rut and become bored just carry on as you are! You don't have to do something different everytime, sex is about expressing love and tenderness as much as for giving and recieving pleasure in a long term relationship. xx

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