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  1. what do I do ??

    Lovehoney - Leanne [sign in to see picture]
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    I am sorry to see that this thread took a  negative spin and my sincere apologies to the OP for this.

    I do hope that you are not put you off seeking advice here, as you can see this is what the forum is really about. 


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    I agree, Leanne. I'm sure (and know from talking to friends) that many women's sex drive drops dramatically after having, and for years after having, children! So this thread could help so many people - not just men seeking help when their women 'go off it'...but for us girls who find their men also 'go a bi flat' for a while! I'm suremost of us haveexperienced it from one side of the coin if not both!

    On the whole, this thread has offered some good advice, but just a little negativity which can put posters off asking for advice again. I think if you can't offer good sound advice or suggestions, then it's best not to comment in general. xx

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    no that's fine and a thank everyone for there post positive or negative.

    just hope something does get sorted as i'm slowing going insane with it but I don't want to come across as I want sex all the time. it's all the stuff inbetween I seek most.. affection, OH being confident with me and herself to just feel happy and free. and for us both to understand each other more deeply. and to 're connect too.

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    I feel for you, through one thing and another my wife and I went through a long period with little sex and it was awful. Would you say their is intimacy outside of the bedroom, cuddles kisses etc?

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    Have you thought about writing her a letter? Tell her the way you feel the same way you've told us. Explain to her she's not alone and that it's quite common to feel like this. It might come over less confrontational than another conversation.

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