1. Fess up... What was your most embarrassing sexual moment?

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    I have a few of these but was inspired to ask the question after a recent night of passion. OH wanted to have a bit of strap-on, doggy-style fun... It's a favourite position of ours, although I know it does make me feel a bit like I need to, erm, queef when she withdraws. I'm quite private about such bodily functions, but usually I can supress this until I can get to the bathroom, run the tap, and let it all out.

    On this occasion we went a bit harder than usual. All was well until we finished and she pulled out, bringing forth a sudden cacophony of trumpeting from my undercarriage. I ran to the bathroom in horror, but unfortunately the sounds continued all the way there and loudly enough once safe in the bathroom to be heard from the outside, even over the running tap! I left the loo shortly afterwards, very red-faced. Many giggles were had once I managed to get over my embarrassment!

    Share your story! (And ladies, if anyone has any advice on how to eliminate the doggy-style queefing... please advise!)

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    Probably when i queefed in someones face whilst he was going down on me

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    I've unintentionally been caught masturbating twice and doing other stuff once.

    The first time was when I was supposed to be revising for exams but had slept in. Before she went to work, my mum came into my room and opened the curtains to try and get me up. I ended up on top of the covers enjoying myself until I heard a noise at the window and upon my eyes, was quite surprised to a window cleaner going about his work. I ran like the wind to hide in another room from the sheer shock.

    The second time was when I was at uni and making use of a toy my flat mates had bought me for my birthday. I thought they'd all gone out to their lectures and had some music on so was surprised when one of them walked in to my room to see me on all fours making full use of my present!

    The most embarrassing though was when my sister walked in on me and a now ex. We'd been staying at hers and woke up early and very horny. I was busy "eating sausage for breakfast" (as it was later referred to) and on top of him (think 69 position) but with him working his fingers and thumb simultaneously inside my bum and vagina. My feet had to be facing the door when my sister walked in with two cups of tea and got to see her younger sis receiving some DP whilst gleefully sucking on what is now a much missed willy.

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    We had a weekend break in a small country hotel a few years ago. We awoke late and were enjoying some lovely sex when the door suddenly opened and the chambermaid came in, obviously thinking we were at breakfast. We were facing the door, doggy style and all of us just froze, her staring at us, us and staring at her. It seemed to last quite a while! Then she said "sorry, sorry" and left.

    At breakfast she came up to us and said "sorry, sorry I not know" and we said it was fine, don't worry. We joked afterwards we should have invited her to join us, but that only happens in porn!

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    When I was, er... 18 I guess, I was round an older friends house. He and his girlfriend were sat on the big living room chair together and me and an older girl I liked were on the sofa together, her on my lap. I can't remember properly but I think we were all just goofing around and chatting nonsense, probably ended up playing the "have you ever..." game.

    Now, I'd never done anything with a girl other than snog and hold hands. Basically, it ended up with her shoving my hand down her trousers and pants so I was touching her vagina. After a few minutes my mate was like "well? How's he doing?" and the girl said; "nothing, his hand's just lying there" and he said "what he hasn't even found the clit yet?". The three of them found this rather amusing whilst I was sitting there with my cheeks burning up.

    Fast forwards 15 years and that girl is now my wife. So I must have made some kind of impression with my limp hand, lol! So yeah, it all worked out in the end, but at the time, thoroughly embarrassing!


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    My worst was at a lovely country wedding, strappy floaty summer dress because I was hoping to pull. Thought I looked like some sort of Keira Knightley epheremal sex goddess. And it worked, I pulled an absolutely luuuverly chap in a kilt.

    Later that evening found myself in a linen cupboard of this posh country hotel taking everything my new chap had to offer with my very sophisticaged dress up around my waist and the top half down around my waist. It looked like a charity shop old lady's scarf.

    In walked one of the waitresses while I was sat on a shelf with my arms holding onto another shelf above my head. My lovers back was to the door and he didn't hear the waitress come in, he carried along banging away while this waitress and I made awkward eye contact and she casually collected the linen she was after and closed the door quietly.

    I kept seing her every five minutes for the rest of the wedding and whilst her seeing me tits out being fucked like a horny teenager was bad enough it was much worse knowing that whatever cloak of sophistication I had was utterly destroyed.

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    I was with my gf at the time and we were having sex in a hotel, we finished our business and went for a drink in the bar, but we got carried away again, turned on etc and went back to the room.

    My gf sister was staying in the room next to us and heard us come back from the bar. As we went in the metal latch was knocked on the door and blocked the door from closing.

    We were mid quicke and of course her sister came in the room, startled I turned with my cock out and just as I did I started shooting my load all over the place with a grandstand view for my gf sister.


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    Had a good giggle reading these responses, thanks guys!
    My man is an avid Xbox gamer, and is constantly talking to his friends over his headset. I was feeling rather sorry for myself as I wasn’t getting much attention, so decided to distract him with a little bit of oral... worked a treat and we were soon hard at it, moaning and such. Only once we had finished and cleaned up did we notice that my man forgot to mute his mic, and about 8 of his friends had heard our session :/

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    My most embarrassing was I'd been with hubby probably 6ish months and things got a bit heated I was playing with myself while he watched playing with him self when I noticed I had lost a false fingernail inside myself. He had to get a torch and get it out. Was so embarrassed.

    Many of fanny farts and bum love puffs between us. But this stands out the most.

    Even few years on a an anal session with anal beads with a sweet corn ending hasn't touched this

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    Mine was shagging my girlfriend whilst her parents were out on the lounge floor,she hadn`t double locked the front door,so in comes her younger brother,to see my lilly white arse as i bobboed up and down on his sister!

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    My OH was going down on me when I still lived at home (18-19 maybe) when my mum started to walk in the door, now she normally knocked and said whatever but decided to walk in, any way my semi clothed OH decided to hide behind my door instead of blocking it, leaving me with my legs in the air, rock hard and very much easy to see.

    Not sure if my mum did see as she seemed to pause as if she got a sense of what is happening or if she copped an eyeful and ran away screaming internally.

    It's not a question I want to ask but occasionally it does cross my mind...

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    I would have been in my early twenties, my girlfriend at the time was in her late teens and still living at her parents. I went to pick her up for a Saturday night out, exchanged pleasantries with her parents and then went to her room to get her. I found her on the bed in some new lingerie, one thing led to another and by the time we are finished I'm tide to the bed, hand and foot, completely nude. She then explains she wanted to show me the new underwear because she'd also purchased a new dress for that evening and the two didn't go together, whilst telling me this she goes into her closet to change into the new dress. After a few moments I hear a knock, for a second I thought it was a drawer closing, then the bedroom door opens and before I have a chance to say anything her mum walks in, looks me up and down and says "I suppose you won't be wanting a cup of tea then" and leaves. At the time I was mortified. It was never mentioned despite us dating for a few more years..

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    SquirtyPanda wrote:

    Probably when i queefed in someones face whilst he was going down on me

    I would die laughing if that happened to me! 😂 No way am I revealing mine though 😳
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    Giving my boyfriend a blowjob in a public arena theatre, during the day, just to have the police approaching us to tell how that was dangerous and indecent. My biggest fear was that them phoning my mum because even though I was 19, I was living with her, so that'd be a no-no. Luckily they let us off just with a warning - lol!

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    I'd been using a vibrating prostate massager alone for 2 hours, not realising somebody had come home, and they'd come in for a lovely 20 minute chat without me having a chance to actually turn it off.

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    Not exactly a sexual moment but embarrassing all the same!

    In- laws bought us a new bed, they had a key to our house so 'thoughfully' decided to take our old bed apart and put the new one together so when we arrived home there would be a new bed, all freshly made up too....

    Our old bed was a divan with drawers...drawers - yes, you'ved guessed it - full of dildoes etc. Elderly In-laws put the new bed together and disposed of old bed and kindly left the sex toys in a neat pile on the bed!!!!

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    I was over confident when I had LH "Ben Wa Magnetic Hematite Love Balls" in me while in a train. Fortunately I was seated but I was fighting hard to stop them from coming out. Some caring commuters asked if I was alright.


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    Can't really compete with most, but my wife (then my gf) has fallen asleep during sex (missionary position). We were both pretty drunk - can't remember how it ended!

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    Cracking up reading these- thanks for oversharing everyone!

    I've never been caught in the act, considering myself very lucky right now!

    I did have a pretty awkward experience with my younger brother discovering a vibrator... I'd been away at my girlfriend's place overnight (we were around 18 and in a secret relationship at the time) and had taken a few toys with me. I got home the next morning pretty early, unpacked my bag except for the vibrator as I was sharing a room with my sister at the time and was waiting for a chance to sneak it back to its hiding place.

    Little brother (age around 12) walks in... treads on the bag which immediately begins buzzing. He asks what's in there, I tell him it's my electric toothbrush. He trots off to the bathroom and comes back with my toothbrush in his hand looking confused. Had to just tell him to GTFO of my bedroom and stop being nosy!

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    Not sure if this is embarrassing its more of a Oops moment.

    This was before we moved in together she was still living at her parents.

    We were making out in the living room, It started out with us laying on the floor kissing and then we moved to the 69 position then doggy style i came inside her we then walked out of the livingroom to clean ourselves up in the bathroom we must of been a good half an hour upstairs in the bathroom we then heard her parents in the house so i did the best thing i could do and that was to get out of the bathroom window and go round the back wait a couple of minutes then knock on the door, my girlfriend came to the door and then we went into the livingroom, I was still buzzing from the thoughts of taking her from behind but as i looked to where we had just had fun i could see a big splodge of cum on the carpet i dont know if it came from her dripping pussy or if my cock had still been dripping cum as i got up,that was a time when we thought are we going to get in big trouble as we didn't know if her parents was coming into the living room or infact if they had already been in.

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