1. How do you start of a night of fun.

    teacake [sign in to see picture]
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    I was just thinking with all of us here we all have different things we like i'm guessing you don't always just get naked and start touching each other, So whats your way to start things off do you roleplay dress up play some naughty games etc...

    Terri JJ [sign in to see picture]
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    I usually get left instructions. What to wear, where to be etc at a given time......gets me instantly turned on as I know that whatever Mr JJ has planned it will be amazing xx

    ophelia-rose [sign in to see picture]
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    Wow, that sounds super fun Terri! My last sexual partner was long distance so when we met up we'd usually just be hanging out or whatever, one of us would get turned on and then we'd be away haha

    Dew_Drop [sign in to see picture]
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    My OH usually starts so stroke my hips or caress my boobs and then go under my clothes to pinch my nipples whilst kissing nibbking my neck and then thats it 😂

    young at heart [sign in to see picture]
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    Tried forfeits which we wrote ourselves on the back of postits that we stuck on the table in the living room. quite good really had level 1 then level 2 as things warmed up! Just play a simple game then until one gets something wrong then gets a forfeit-simple.

    Penny26 [sign in to see picture]
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    We have to take the opportunity whenever it arises inbetween working, household jobs and family.

    Senator [sign in to see picture]
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    Our night of fun begins when we know the kids have left the house and how long they are out for....

    Peakcouple [sign in to see picture]
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    He gets nude and usually puts a cock-ring or strap on while I go to my special drawer and choose something sexy; 'open' pants or playsuit. We then get a vibrator and start. When things are a bit more urgent or time is short we get nude, kiss and get right into 69.

    When we have others around for a 4some, we usually go to the bedroom, swap partners and undress one another slowly. Sometimes, before we go upstairs, we play a board game called 'Dare Devil', bought on line years ago. It has 3 levels of sexy dares and gets everyone undressed quite quickly. It's good for breaking the ice with new couples.

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