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  1. Am I being selfish?

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    Not at all selfish it has to be a two way street. Has he ever had problems losing said erection? Just wondering if he feels the need to get going once he has it and gets a bit rough because he is thinking he might lose it? Just a thought if he is doing well before the hard on arrives?

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    Aww hunny not selfish at all some men just don't get the whole we don't always finish when they do. Hubby has his moments when his more for his needs. I've always been honest with him if I want to cum and his finished I'll tell him and he will get the job done with toys/mouth or fingers.

    We have been together 17 years so sometimes it is just wamb bang thank u mam others it's a fill on session.

    Don't be afraid to speak up hun some men just think with there d***s and forget xx

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    Hi Lady Spider. Thanks for adding some context. I am perhaps being a bit hard on him you have both been through a lot.

    I would ask before you had your anuerism was he still a dominant?

    I would say you really need to push your feelings home that yes okay you do have some damage due to the anuerism but this is really really important for you and you really need him to listen.

    All my previous partners and my OH we have had hammer and tongs sex occasionally but in my experience your needs are typical. All my exs have wanted the sex you describe so i think he is utterly wrong to conflate porn with what women like.

    good luck

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    hey Guys and Girls

    again, thank you so very much for your advice and support - it means an awful lot that so many of you took the time to read then reply.

    Some of our proble was communication.... my fault - I do find it difficult to express what I want, bt I'm biting the bullet and now trying to tell him exactly what I want - so things are improving very much

    @illtakethehighroad - Yes, he was still dominant but not to the extent he is now. He has gotten so used to being the dom in every aspect of our lives, so getting him to listen isn't always easy. But I am trying harder and things do seem to be improving.

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