1. Is it just me but...

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    This made me giggle, but I suppose most just get used to it ? I've never had a pet that took an interest in my or my partner's play times, but maybe we're just lucky ?

    I've had skin pressed up against our fish tank many times before and it's hilarious to think about all these tiny fish just staring like "what on EARTH is that ?? Are we being fed that ??" but in the moment you just sort of block it all out, don't you ?

    A disgusted or curious fish family becomes just cool glass against warm skin; a furry baby cat or dog is just background noise because your eyes and mind are elsewhere... I mean. Unless you keep bees in your house. I would imagine that could be very distracting.


    Oh gosh, imagine if you were an indoor bee keeper and they got out and and and...

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    It's a mood killer for me personally. I was eith an ex who had a giant great Dane dog which would sit right in the middle of the room and glare at me. What made it weirder is the dog had grown up with my ex, and had an inseparable bond, as she would say. Not for me though.

    It took me ages to adapt to masturbation in the same room as a sleeping cat or dog. Thankfully they don't give two bells now and just continue to sleep if I play. But if my wofe was in the room and we were having sex the dog would be all up in our business. My wife is fairly vocal, so this wouldn't help any lol.

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    Solo play with my cat asleep on the end of the bed, but sex with a partner and she's usually out of the room. At best, she'll be on her Lovehoney box on the windowsill either asleep or watching the birds.

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    Our dog used to sleep in the bedroom with us and on more than one occasion he jumped up on the bed barking and growling because he thought my husband was attacking me! It was also kind of off putting that sometimes he'd simply just sit and stare at us .

    Needless to say he soon found himself being ejected from the bedroom when we felt like some fun:)

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    Our dog sleeps on the end of the bed.

    My wife and I were both desperate for an early morning shag earlier this week. The dog was removed as quickly as my wife's pyjamas. I have no idea if the dog was watching our performance but frankly I didn't care!

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    My beagle sleeps with us on the bed - sometimes even in the blumming bed!! Sex around her is a nightmare...she starts wrecking the room or licking our faces - she is just so jealous!! Have to take her downstairs and put her in her cage - she can be a complete pashion killer if we try and do it with her in the room! xx

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    Stevie, hetro sub curious male wrote:

    How can people get all frisky with a partner when there's either a cat or dog in the same room?? I don't know about anyone else but I would think my libido would deflate like a burst balloon! I don't have pets but how do pet owners compartmentalize like that??

    Can't do stuff with a dog in the room creeps me out haha

    My cat has to be out of my sight or room as well if he's in same room he can't be close or in my line of vision

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